Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Food Chain

Picking up a thread...

THIS creature is certainly mean and nasty. Yessir. Just look at those teeth. My friend Troglopundit put this little fella on his blog the other day; badgers are the Wisconsin mascot. Cute little badgers.

THIS is a gator. Gators could mean trouble for badgers. Maybe. My friend Doug at the Daley Gator put this critter on HIS blog explaining the unfortunate circumstances should the little badger find himself in a gator swamp.

Boys, THIS is tiger. We eat badgers for breakfast and take the skins from gators.

Especially when they come into our den:


Sandy said...

WooHoo! Good post!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I seem to recall Gators 51, Tigers 21, but it might be our TWO national titles blurring my memory......
Best of luck next season, well except for that one October night, when Tim Tebow conquers Baton Rouge


Steve said...

I am forbidden to mention the 2005 Capital One Bowl. After that game Pat and I went to visit her mother. Pat was wearing her LSU shirt, and I was wearing my Iowa Hawkeyes shirt. Pat's mother is a die hard LSU fan and couldn't believe LSU had just been beaten by a bunch of Yankees.
She was ranting about the loss and asked me "Could you believe..."
Then she looked my shirt..."Oh, I forgot, you're one of them."
If it helps, I am a LSU baseball fan. Good Luck in Omaha!

Steve Burri said...

Badgers, & Tigers, and Gators, Oh, my!