Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Say what you will about him, the boy had talent. And I have many, many a fond memory of dancing to Thriller with my friends in many a nightclub in my youth! I sang along to many a MJ song as loudly as I could in my car with the windows rolled up. I've plugged into my iPod and cleaned for hours to Michael's songs! Since I can't embed Thriller, I'm putting up this one because I love it, too.


Red said...

Me too me too!

Sandy said...

I was almost out of high school when he was born, but I have his music on my Ipod as well. It's great walking music!

Jim said...

I'm missing something. Yes, his music was good.
Michael Jackson was a pedophile. He hurt little children and robbed them of their innocence.
All the good music in the world can't wash that away.
I cannot listen to his music without thinking that the singer is/was a child molester.

G.R. said...

I personally didn't get the Michael Jackson mania. I just don't see where a couple of strategically placed squeaks in a song, choreographed gyrations and jerks, and the grabbing of the crotch made him great. Was he good? Maybe. Great? That's debatable.
But all of his accomplishments in entertainment cannot overcome the fact that he "supposedly" molested children. I know he was never convicted of molestation, but O.J wasn't convicted of double murder either.