Thursday, June 25, 2009

The White House Luau is Under Way...Meanwhile....

Meanwhile, on the eve of the House vote on the largest energy tax increase known to man, they are partying at the White House. The congressional luau is underway where Mark Knoller tells us they are feasting on tilapia tempura rolls, grilled lamb chops, BBQ baby back ribs, Kalua pig and shrimp & clams.

Gibbsy has already been dunked in the dunking booth; Obama and Michelle are there wearing leis and even Bo is there.

Hope they have a lovely time. Meanwhile, the rest of us should be working the phones and faxes to those folks still on the fence over this horrific cap 'n trade bill.

(Photo credit: Radio Pool Photo by Greg Clugston)

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Lynn said...

Kind of reminds you of "let them eat cake," doesn't it.