Monday, June 29, 2009

Where Are The Big Headlines?

Timing is everything. The Inspectors General story has been overshadowed this week by other events, most notably the Michael Jackson non-stop media fest, but also the cap and trade vote.

Robert Stacy McCain has a piece in The Green Room at Hot Air today about the investigation so far. The biggest question, it seems to me, is where is the MSM on this story? There are some fine people doing the legwork on this story but so far the big papers haven't picked it up. You've got to wonder why. It's not because there isn't a story there.

Back in April there was a piece in the New York Times where Neil Barofsky, the special Inspector General overseeing the TARP bailout dollars, blasts the Obama administration and Geithner regarding their handling of the money. After asking questions, the administration has essentially gagged Barofsky as the Treasury Department tries to assert its authority over his office. Should this be allowed, it would clearly be a conflict and would go against the intent behind the formation of the Inspectors General because they are supposed to be independent. This is likely to be the most interesting part of the whole investigation, once it finally busts open, and one that might eventually land Timothy Geithner under the Obama bus.

Not Tucker Carlson has a great round-up of coverage and events if you need to get up to speed. Rick Moran of The American Thinker also had a piece posted Saturday.

Go here to see Robert Stacy McCain's American Spectator post on the Grassley report regarding the Amtrak investigation.

Go here to read the round up at The Green Room.

And go here for the most extensive round-up of coverage EVAH on the story!

The story isn't going away. Questions are being asked and soon the biggest question to ask will be why isn't the main stream media covering this thing?

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Red said...

We already know why. That question is redundant. The lamestream media are owned by the commie loving left.