Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thankfully, No Tigers or Badgers Were Harmed

Because things are never dull in Louisiana, I'll share this story with you. Unlike Grandpa John, I can't say that no gators were harmed in this case.

A ten-foot alligator was shot by a licensed official after people in a Minden, Louisiana neighborhood tried for more than a week to get rid of it.

Wildlife and Fisheries agents first tried to bait the gator with chicken on a hook. When that didn't work, they used plastic jugs filled with food to lure the gator to the shore.

"I can't relocate it because if I did, I would be putting a man killer in somebody else's backyard," said David Wilson.

Okay, I'm sure there's more to this story than meets the eye. If this gator is bothering people so much, why did they have to bait him with chicken and plastic jugs? Was he just sunning in a bayou somewhere, scaring people? And how do we know it's a "man killer?" Has it attacked something it shouldn't have before? Eaten some puppies perhaps? Curious.

Be careful Doug, stay away from Minden!

I guess PETA will be all over Minden. Hey Sandy, let me know when they show up?!

Thankfully, no badgers or tigers were harmed in this story.

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