Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Linkage

Update: And so he has...Left Coast Rebel reminded me he's put out some great content this week and indeed he has. Shame on me for not showing the proper linky-luv! Y'all please go check him out! Especially this one.

Lots of linky-luv to give out this week, so let's go!

Professor Jacobson takes Joe Klein to school in the Iran v. Soviet Union analogy and it's really very interesting and Jacobson makes some very good points. I learned some things.

Sippican Cottage and the Ten Most Frustrating Things I've Encountered post was great. I laughed and sympathized. I wish I could write like that. I have tried to grow grass but I wouldn't know a ball joint from a ball gown. Are you kidding?

Fuasta has a post on the cash-for-clunkers bill, a real clunker of a bill if I've ever seen one.

Doug Ross does consistently great tough pieces on his blog; this week he took a look at the Stimulus.

Monique Stuart comments on the Senate resolution apologizing for slavery. She's not impressed!

Snaggletoothie had some great video clips this week which included the Boxer thing, William F. Buckley, Jr. and Michelle Bachman. What a mix!

Bride of Rove is reading Glenn Beck's Common Sense and is using her excellent common sense to share it with us. Love her blog.

Troglopundit has a look at the new protocol secretary and while most people are talking about her tax faux pas, he has another angle.

Pundette is all over Obama's fund raising hypocrisy.

Little Miss Attila has a discussion on the merit of polls. Or lack thereof.

Lots of folks have been blogging about the Iranian situation this week and Gateway Pundit has been all over it, this one covering today's protests (with video). Jules Crittenden has a post today entitled No Happy Ending. 'Nuff said.

Robert Stacy McCain is a pure journalist at heart and that's a rare thing these days (if you do it well, like he does.) He's been all over the Walpin firing and the entire IG story, and has been linked like crazy on it. I even saw a link on the Michael Savage page to his PJM story. I'll admit though, I went back and watched his clip from Stir Crazy three times and giggled every time. BHO and Biden's foreign policy! What a scream! I'll never watch that movie the same way again!

Donald Douglas smacks down Conor Friedersdorf and his ideas one last time and vows to move on. Excellent piece of writing and analysis there. Jimmie at The Sundries Shack is right there backing Douglas up. The Dailey Gator throws in his two cents as well.

Because things are never dull in Louisiana, especially during a legislative session, check out The Old River Road.

Grandpa John has a new song for us to learn!

Greta Perry has appointed herself the new Beer Czar which hacks me off because I wanted that job.

Flopping Aces, who never links me, has a good piece on the IG story and questions the silence from the left. No Sheeples Here, who DOES link me, also weighs in on this story. It's going to be a big story before it's all done, I think.

Yukio is hitting the wall on his book, so cross your fingers for him. Meanwhile, check out his Friday links because he has some good ones!

Generational Patriot has a good post on the Federal Reserve System - check it out.

Cynthia Yockey isn't done with David Letterman yet.

I'll have to add more later; we're heading back down to Coushatta today to the vegetable place. LOVE that place. I'm hoping they have peaches today and tomatoes and oh I wish some sweet corn, but Steve thinks it might be too early. We shall see. Road trip!


G.R. said...

The Cash for Clunker Bill shows that is country is full of morons. "Come on folks! Turn you old piece of crap in and get cash, at tax payers expense, to buy a piece of crap Obamamobile, which is also being produced at tax payers expense."
So if the taxpayer is paying for Obama to build cars; then, pays so that the Obamaites can buy the cars; then the dollar goes round and round but doesn't do any good of the economy.
Is this any way to run a country. The whole Obama economic plan is about as systematic as the Abbot and Costello "Who's of First" routine.
But the real morons are the ones who keep putting the other morons in office.

snaggletoothie said...

Thanks for the link. Did you notice that, in response to a suggestion from you, I have added photos of Beautiful Autos at the foot of the page?
I want to note that 'Who's on First' is very funny. And sometime far in the future people will laugh at Obamanomics. They might say something like, "Those fools felt so guilty that some of their great-great-great-great-great grandparents might have owned black slaves. This drove them to elect a black man leader, gave him all of their money and encourage him to spend it foolishly. All the money they had was not enough to satisfy this guilt reducing leader so they ruined their economy by encouraging him to print as much money as he wanted. They found that there was not enough money to satisfy this leader. Many of them remained mired in guilt and wanted to ruin the businesses that supported their fellows to try to assuage their own guilt. It is rather funny when you consider the lengths some will go to to get nowhere. This is why we read history: to learn to not be this stupid."

Left Coast Rebel said...

I put out some great content this week, Linkage!!!

G.R. said...

@snaggletoothie: This is why we read history: to learn to not be this stupid."
Oh how true. I love history, real history. We are to learn from it so can repeat what worked in the past or avoid what didn't work in the past.
BTW, didn't we already experience a weak and ineffective presidency that tried to break the national economy 30 years ago?. The 2008 Election proved we didn't learn from what didn't work.
But that's why the left has revised history in every way they can, by hiding the truth or distorting what they couldn't hide.
But as far as the unpleasant events in the past, such as slavery, it can't be erased from history, nor should the people of today's genereation be blamed, forced to apologize, or pay reparations for something they had nothing to do with.
In reference to the cars, maybe you can find a hot babe with 57 Bel Aire.

smitty1e said...

BHO and Biden's foreign policy! What a scream! I'll never watch that movie the same way again!