Monday, June 29, 2009

What Kind of Energy Czar Doesn't Read the Bill?

My blogging has been light today; I've been doing life-things like cleaning my carpets, grocery shopping, laundry, you know. Stuff. Went to the bookstore and bought some biographies for my mom. Went to Target and bought a new purse. Important stuff.

Anyway, so I didn't see Fox 'n Friends this morning when Doocy got Carol Browner to admit she hasn't read the Cap ' n Tax bill. Great. Via Hot Air, here's the clip:

As I was driving around (burning FUEL purchased from FOREIGN SOURCES) I was listening to talk radio. Some woman called in to Rush Limbaugh lamenting that the average citizen doesn't even know what is in this bill and what Washington is doing to them. How many people actually WATCHED John Boehner read the amendment on CSPAN on a Friday evening? I'm betting not many.

How many people are going to be shocked when they go to sell their house and can't until the government comes in and does an energy inspection; if your house is leaking energy or doesn't have storm windows, etc. etc., you can't sell it until you fix that. This was in the amendment John Boehner read to Congress. I'm betting they didn't know about it until he told them.

At the very least you'd expect the energy czar, Carol Browner, to have read it.

At what point does this just become treason? Is it too much to ask that your representatives read the legislation that they vote on?

Apparently, it is.


Anonymous said...

That's about the only response I can summon.

snaggletoothie said...

I just saw this for the first time. I think that, as notable as the fact that she has not read the whole bill, is the fact that she tried to lie about whether or not she had. It is bothersome that she is so comfortable with misleading the public. We have entered a phase where positions of responsibility are filled by a bunch of irresponsible hacks.