Saturday, June 27, 2009

Team Obama and Congressman Cao

The intrepid Chad Rogers at The Dead Pelican has this on the Obama administration's behind-the-scenes maneuvering on Cap 'n Tax (there's more at his site - go look):

The Obama Administration tried to pressure Louisiana Congressman Joseph Cao into supporting "Cap-and-Trade" legislation, THE DEAD PELICAN has learned.

Sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN that Obama personally called the freshman congressman to ask for his support of controversial legislation that will place a tax on carbon emissions!

Sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN that Obama (the Democrat) promised to assist Cao (the Republican) in his re-election in return for his vote! Well-placed insiders tell THE DEAD PELICAN that Congressman Cao has refused Obama's offer and intends to vote in the interest of Louisiana by voting "no."

1 comment:

G.R. said...

If the sources are true, WAY TO GO CONGRESSMAN CAO! And other Congressmen who voted against such a piece of crap legislation.
It doesn't make any sense. Just how in the world do you put a price tag on carbon emission. Have we allowed craziness and those who believe they are smarter than God (for all you liberals, yes I said GOD, the one most of you don't believe in) to take over and eliminate common sense? This is plain madness.
By the way, can any liberal tell me what's the going rate for a cow fart? And will there be local and state taxes applied to them as well?