Friday, June 12, 2009

Quote AND Understatement of the Day

"The Obama administration not only failed to discuss beforehand its release of trained terrorists from Guantanamo Bay with Congress, it also apparently failed to discuss it with our nation's closest ally, the United Kingdom. Understandably, this failure has caused great diplomatic and national security outrage in Britain, which is responsible for the security and foreign policy of Bermuda. The administration's actions have also caused increased tension between Britain and China, which has long-demanded the return of the Uighurs while pressuring other nations not to accept them."

Rep. Pete Hoekstra

"Wow what a clusterfork this has turned out to be."

The Vegas Art Guy

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Red said...

This administration is sending this country straight on the fast track to hell. Just stupid. If ever you wanted to witness how the American people aren't taken seriously by their own government, now is the time.