Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pork Fest in Baton Rouge...No, REALLY

You can't make this stuff up.

I love Louisiana.

The Pentagon Barracks is a former military post now under possession by Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge; it currently houses the offices of the Lt. Governor and apartments for state legislators. Wednesday it will be the site of a Pork Fest hosted by Rep. Noble Ellington. The invite reads:

Please join us for a
Fried Bologna Lunch
with homegrown tomatoes
Hosted by Rep. Noble Ellington
At Noon on Wednesday, June 17th
at the Lt. Governor's Apt.
Pentagon Barracks

Ellington knows all about pork. These are the earmarks he asked for his district in last year's State budget: Catfish Festival Inc., $25,000; Franklin [Parish] Economic Development Foundation, $50,000; Franklin Parish Historical Society Museum, $25,000; Fresh Start Outreach Ministries Inc., $785,000; Industrial Development Board of the Parish of Caldwell Inc., $50,000; Old Bethel Baptist Church of Clarks Inc., $50,000; Schepis Foundation Inc., $75,000; Ward III Community Center Management Board, $90,000; Winnsboro Gun Club Inc., $25,000; Winnsboro Main Street Inc., $50,000.

Meanwhile, in Alexandria, a woman is attacked with a hot sausage.

(H/T: The Dead Pelican)

(Photo credit: Swampkitty)


Red said...

So the reports of her getting hit in the face with a "hot greasy sausage" isn't a euphemism?

I know. I haz tacky. ;-P

Steve Burri said...

Although the baloney sandwich invitation has to be a parody, I would bet that it is a real deal.

Up here you wouldn't get any takers for a bologna sandwich, but bratwursts, cheese, and beer is an overflow crowd.

Alexandria: When hot sausages are outlawed, only outlaws will have hot sausages.

Red said...

Steve Burri siad"Alexandria: When hot sausages are outlawed, only outlaws will have hot sausages."

LOL!! Thanks for the belly laugh!