Saturday, December 27, 2008

Abita Root Beer

True beer connoisseurs that we are, Steve and I branched out and tried the Abita Root Beer today. We know that it's not really beer, but Abita makes great beer and since their root beer is flavored with real Louisiana cane sugar rather than corn syrup, we figured it would be great. And it is.

One of my favorite places to eat used to be the A&W place on Barksdale AFB; sadly they closed it for some bar-b-que place. We used to love going there and getting a loaded chili dog and a draft root beer. I miss that place!

I bought my Abita root beer at the liquor store; not sure if it's in grocery stores or not, but it should be.

You know the crazy thing about Abita beer? It's brewed here in this very state, but if I go order it in a restaurant, they bill me for an import. Go figure. Anyway, in their beer line, we love their Pecan Harvest in the fall and in the spring I like the Strawberry Brew, although I'm not sure Steve loves that one.

Now all I need is some ice cream!

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