Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year! Or New Year's Eve anyway. As the year draws to a close, many people are looking back at the "best of" or "worst of" aspects of 2008. I'm ready to put 2008 in the can so I'm not looking back.

I'm looking forward to 2009. I don't EVER make New Year resolutions for multiple reasons. I'd never stick to them and if I want to set a goal or alter behavior I can do that when the mood strikes. I am, however, taking a small moment to evaluate some small personal goals. My blog is about six months old and I'm beginning to get the feel for where I want it to go. I'm not too far off track from that. I'd like to thank the folks that stop by and read what I write and who comment. The blogging-gods say "your blog should have focus!" and mine is kind of all over the place, but I like that. I'm not making a living at it, nor do I intend to, so I don't feel the pressure to write about just politics or just books or just teaching... I will say though that the political season was crazy-fun and I made some new friends (Right in Florida and of course Sarah) and maybe lost a couple. I'm sure we can expect much more political writing in the future!

As for my New Year's Eve plans - it's going to be me, Checkers and the Teenager; Steve will be keeping the city safe from drunks and crazies. I'll open a bottle of fine beer and say hello to 2009. And I'll probably be blogging.


Sarah said...

Happy New Year to you! I need to go make my end of the year blog post - I am not really into NYE anymore, but I get a sick thrill out of doing that LOL

Mary Frances Archer said...

prayers for Steve's safety - what a shit job on New years - ick! I feel for him - dangerous crap!

Happy New YEARS!! *hugs to all of you**

Isabel and her crew is headed over to our place now. FUN!!

I think your blog rocks - and you know mine is sort of random "today this happened" with various soapbox rants (my favs). **shrug** I think yours is awesome and knowing you - is very you and covers a lot of stuff - a great read - keep it up!!