Friday, December 5, 2008

Peace, ho!

In class today, reading Julius Caesar.

Class begins; lots of chatter as students settle down. Reading parts are then assigned for today's scenes. One girl volunteers for the part of Calpurnia and is still yakking to her friend when her time comes to read. Unfortunately, the line that comes shortly before her is

Casca: Peace, ho! Caesar speaks!

She turns angrily to the poor speaker of that line and says:

"I ain't no damn ho and you better shut up before I hit you!"

I swear.


Sarah said...

Oh wow. I'd say you've got to be kidding, but I believe you.

I had 3rd grade today. I passed out little mini Time magazines for them to read which had Obama and McCain on the front. One kid says, "OMG - it's Obama!" Another one says, "Who's Obama?" The other kid respond, "You don't know? That's our new president!! We don't have to listen to the white people anymore!"

They're 8!!!!

Nikki said...

HAHAHAHA!! Awesome!!

Josh said...

That's why I loved having English AP. Making jokes about Shakespeare is much more fun when everyone actual knows what the heck is going on.

Mary Frances Archer said...


Roxy said...

You can't make stuff like that up! LOL

Red said...

I'd weep for this generation but instead I'm laughing at their ignorance.