Monday, June 1, 2009

Playboy Attacks Republican Women

Tommy Christopher has posted a swift, quick response to the hateful Playboy "article" on Republican women.

Amanda Carpenter sent out this "tweet" this morning:

The article is more despicable than you might imagine. It lists ten Republican women and assigns a hate f*** factor to them all. If that weren't offensive enough, their analysis of each is degrading and insulting. Mostly degrading.

No small wonder this has already begun a Boycott Playboy backlash on Twitter.

As Tommy Christopher puts it: " I get that Playboy is a sex magazine, but I don't see what hate has to do with sex. While the author might think it's funny or edgy, none of these women consented to be "hate f***ed," and the whole exercise is just foul and creepy."

Sign me up with all the other women (and men) who find this terminology offensive and not at all appropriate. It's hate speech, pure and simple.

Update: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air chimes in as well.

Update 2 (4:55): Hot Air reports that Playboy has pulled the article.

Update 3 (6/6/09): Follow this link to see the article.

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.....CLIFFORD said...

Lessee; you want to have sex with a woman who you despise. And who likely thinks the same of you. So the chances this woman would ever consent to copulate with you are nil. Therefore, wouldn't a "hate f***" be... rape?