Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Link Fest

Your Saturday link-fest begins now!

First of all, if you missed Robert Stacy McCain on RFC radio yesterday, you missed a show! LOVE the accent, Stacy! The mp3 is on his site - go take a listen.

Doug Ross has a plethora of information on health care as well as a nifty new Kathleen Sebelius poster.

Pundette has a transcript of a conversation between Rush and a caller with a discussion on liberal anger. Seems as if Michelle and Sonia Sotomayor both have angry chips on their shoulders.

There are several great posts by great bloggers on Sotomayor. First, there's the always great Dan Spencer posting at Red State with "Wise Latina" Still a Problem for Sotomayor. Also, Jimmie at The Sundries Shack takes a look at Mona Charen's column on the subject.

Fausta has some info on a Friday night memo drop.

Gateway Pundit has the details on the Cuban spy story. Amazing stuff. Babalu blog, of course, has something to say on this as well!

Donald Douglas has a detailed story on late term abortions that you can't miss.

There was a memorial service in Arkansas yesterday for Pvt. William Long who was murdered by a Muslim fanatic on Monday. Pamela Geller has the sad details of a wacko in a burka crashing the service.

Little Miss Attila reports and has a nice round up on the firing of Tommy Christopher because he came out in defense of the women slammed in the Playboy Hate F*** article. Political Byline weighs in on this as well.

The Queen of Photoshop at No Sheeples Here has the video of Reagan's D-Day speech. Plus lots of other cool stuff! Also with D-Day remembrances is Flopping Aces.

The Daley Gator has the cutest Father/Daughter reunion video ever - it drew a tear to my eye.

Snaggletoothie has a lovely poem by Mother Theresa.

Troglopundit was going for a record number of one-liner posts yesterday. How many did he get? Go see!

Legal Insurrection explains the meaning of "a shorter" and then takes apart Obama's Muslim speech in illustration.

Women of the GOP has a profile of Nikki Haley who is running for Governor of South Carolina.

Yukio took a short break from writing to put up some links. Keep that nose to the grindstone, Yukio! We miss you!

Bride of Rove wasn't impressed with The Won's Buchenwald speech!

And the guy that writes the most beautiful prose I've read lately writes about Fridays. C'mon, haven't we all done this on our deposit slips?! Remember going INSIDE banks to conduct business?

I'm stopping now so I can go watch the D-Day stuff (and The Won's speech) on Fox. Check back here later!


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