Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Second Quote of the Day: Reagan on Israel in 1984

And let me assure you, we will never attempt to impose a solution on Israel, nor will we ever weaken in our opposition to terrorism by the PLO or by anybody else. As I said when I addressed you in 1980, terrorists are not guerillas or commandos or freedom fighters or anything else. They're terrorists, and should be identified as such. We will go on working with all our hearts to help the people of the Middle East achieve a just and lasting settlement -- a settlement that agrees, in the words of my statement of September 1982, that Israel ``has a right to exist in peace behind secure and defensible borders, and it has a right to expect its neighbors to recognize this.''

Reagan Speech to N'nai B'rith
September 6, 1984


BrideOfRove said...

Excellent Quote. What would he say today I wonder?

G.R. said...

Only Ronald Regan could say something so obvious and make it sound like a new idea.
Damn I miss him.

Red said...

Ronald Reagan R.I.P....or come back fighting!!