Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Vast Oil Reserves Aren't Enough

As Obama prepares for his latest trip abroad, he issues his latest white flag to the Iranians telling them that it's just fine for them to have nukes, as long as it's for energy purposes. Whatever.

This is such hogwash and drivel that it shocks me on a daily basis that he's not tried for treason. Iran allowed to go nuclear? As long as it's for "energy"? Does he seriously think that's what they want it for? Of course not. They've got oil riches in abundance. They don't need nukes for energy. They want it to bomb Israel off the map as they have stated most clearly.

As with everything Obama does, you have to ask Why? So why does he want to allow them to have nukes? Does he want them to bomb Israel? Or is he just pandering, trying to snooker them into letting inspectors in? Trying to open "dialogue"? Is he trying to help "Imanutjob" get re-elected in their upcoming elections?

What he says in Riyadh and in Cairo will be telling. Israel has already figured out that Obama is no friend of theirs. They've already figured out they're on their own now. That's incredibly sad.

Meanwhile, Obama invited the Iranians to celebrate the Fourth of July. WTF?

Update: Eric Cantor issued a press release regarding Obama's Middle East policy and also addresses the Iran issue:

“I strongly disagree with President Obama’s dangerous suggestion that Iran may have some right to nuclear energy. Iran forfeited any right to nuclear energy when it made the decision to illicitly enrich uranium to levels that can be used for nuclear weapons. Access to nuclear energy is an irreversible process, and the United States cannot trust the aspirations of the world’s foremost state-sponsor of terrorism."

(H/T: The Weekly Standard)

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