Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Obama: No More Apologies, Please!!

With the disturbing news that North Korea is preparing to launch not one, but three or four missiles, this column by Nile Gardiner, who is the Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation, could not be more relevant.

Many Americans are expecting with some trepidation another Apology Tour as Obama heads to Riyadh, Cairo, Dresden, and Normandy. Gardiner cautions Obama to avoid the rampant apologies that he is so fond of giving.

"No leader in American history has gone to greater lengths than Barack Obama to make amends for his own country. From condemnation of American “arrogance” in a speech in Strasbourg to acknowledging U.S. “mistakes” before millions of Muslims on Arab television, Obama has rarely missed an opportunity to apologise for the actions of the American people.

President Obama has elevated the art of national self-loathing to new heights, and seems to delight in prostrating the most powerful nation on the face of the earth before its critics and rivals, especially on foreign soil. The Obama worldview revolves around the central premise that the United States must be humble and “engage” and work with its enemies through the application of “smart power”. There is nothing smart, however, in appeasing rogue states such as North Korea or Iran."

Gardiner also makes this point: "The world today is considerably more dangerous than it was in the days of the Bush Administration, and the Obama White House has nothing to show for its weak-kneed efforts. The brutal truth is that the United States is increasingly viewed as a soft touch by its enemies, increasingly jeered rather than feared."

I'm not going to copy/paste the whole article but go read the whole thing. And while you do, keep in mind that North Korea is preparing to launch several missiles. Iran is thumbing their nose at us as well and al Qaeda sends a message saying that Obama has "already made himself an enemy of Muslims by sending more soldiers to Afghanistan, ordering bombings in the tribal areas of Pakistan and administering a "bloody campaign against Muslims" in Pakistan's Swat Valley."

Do you feel safer now?

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Patrick McKay said...

This is what happens when you use social engineering to Feminize a nation. The entire West is weak and Feminist. Women declared a war on men and we won't be around to protect you, nor do we care.

Of course, women have no honor, so you'll just embrace your conquerors. Enjoy Sharia!

Gosh, and western women thought western men represented the evil & bad patriarchy. You'll know evil soon enough, dearies.