Saturday, December 12, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around - The Procrastinator Edition

We've got about twelve days until Christmas and my shopping is a mish-mash. I've already given Steve one of his gifts (pictured) because it's so beautiful and I was so excited I couldn't wait, and because he did a really, REALLY nice thing for me yesterday and he deserved an early Christmas present.

As for the rest of my shopping, most of it isn't even done yet. And in some cases I don't know what I'm even going to get. This is why Christmas is so stressful to me - I am a procrastinator.

Let's get on to the linkage and maybe I can get on to some shopping.

No Sheeples Here has the most adorable Sheeples-Fine-Art here, and we are more than glad that she was able to rescue her blog from Blogger Hell.

Fishersville Mike asks a very important question.

Ruby Slippers reports on Gitmo North.

Stacy McCain comes up with my favorite headline AND literary reference in the same post and expresses outraged indignation and the indignity of being required tp give taxpayer $$ to ACORN.

Gateway Pundit has the latest on Rep. Michael Burgess and his call for the resignation or removal of Kevin Jennings. He's also got this great clip of Governor Sarah Palin reading excerpts from William Shatner's biography. I don't watch Conan O'Brien's show, but apparently Shatner has a schtick where he comes on and reads less serious passages from Palin's biography. She returns the favor:

She's great! This lady has charisma all sewn up! (Whenever I say something like that, people HEAR - "And she needs to run for President!". I didn't say that. I said she has charisma.) Regardless, her performance here was great, but the classic part is Shatner's expression. Love it!

I'm enjoying reading Sandy's blog, as always. She suffered the sad loss of her father this year and Christmas is, as one would expect, tough. She's a trooper, though, and her blog always makes me either say, "me too!", or laugh. Or in this case, go " Oh My God!"

This week's snow pictures come from Ann Althouse, Troglopundit and Grandpa John. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous!

Doug Ross has the story of the luckiest coyotes around. Well, except for maybe Charlie.

Critical Narrative works through a definition of Modern Conservatism. Well said.

A one-child policy? In America?

Left Coast Rebel has some interesting thoughts about Palin's Op-Ed.

The Daley Gator takes a look at the pork in the spending bill.

Reaganite Republican notes Charles Krauthammer's great column this week.

Heh! Professor Jacobson was not impressed with Obama's Oslo speech.

Have you ever seen a wind-powered menorah? Go here and you will.

Never one to hold back on how she feels, Red wants you to know that your baby is boring. And so are you! C'mon. You know you wanted to say it.

Camp of the Saints takes a look at your eroding property rights.

Jules Crittenden is asking for a show of hands.

Pundette has the bottom line on what it's like to be Harry Reid right now. He should've gone to New Orleans for the crab claws.

And finally, here's a new blog for the blogroll: Biased Education. Sarah takes a look at the explosive Kevin Jennings scandal, but there are lots of other great posts there, too.

I'm going to try to slog through some minor shopping today and catch up on a few things. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the season!


Sandy said...

Wow! Thanks for the "shout out". I am honored! Now get busy with that shopping!

Red said...

HAHA! Thanks for linking my rant Pat! YOU have a Merry Christmas!

Red said...

Ho-ho-ho! You've been totally linked!

Bob Belvedere said...

Thanks for the Holiday Linky Love, Pat and good luck with the shopping.