Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Glenn Miller Orchestra in Shreveport

Oh for crying out loud! How much would I love to go see this!!!!

But $200 for tickets ($100 each) is out of my league. Not to mention the $2500 ones, or the $5000 ones! Wonder what you get with THOSE tickets?!

Steve and I love doing stuff like this, and we went often to the free military band concerts that would occasionally come through. I realize this is a fund-raising thing for the Shreveport Opera but they're pricing a lot of folks out of even trying to go.

But heck, if Stacy McCain can get to Pasadena, maybe if I rattle the tip jar, I can get to downtown Shreveport. Stranger things have happened.

Update: Fishersville Mike has a suggestion to help me out, but heck, I might actually come up with $1500 to see those chickens!!

Update 2: I like Stacy's advice in the comments; I think he's on to something! There's something to be said for strategic marketing.


Robert Stacy McCain said...

What you need, Pat, is some strategic marketing genius:


It's all in how you pitch it, see?

Pat Austin Becker said...

I LOVE it! That's why YOU get the big bucks and I don't. :)

Chris M. said...

Sorry I can't help you with this.
They are well worth seeing. I saw them in 1977 at Disneyland. I had not gone to see them. But I was there and they just happened to be performing.
My main recollection of them is that so many of them were so young. But I realized that there are many very accomplished musicians who love that type of music. The Glenn Miller Band is an opportunity for them to make a decent living doing something they love. And the GMB ends up with some of the best new talent.
They took the name serious. They played the same songs and arrangements that the band had played when Miller was alive. That band always had a reputation for delivering an excellent product. They played good swing music. They weren't overly flashy like some bands. But they were predictable, mellow and easy to dance to. They had maintained all of that when I saw them in '77 and I bet they still do.

Red said...

Maybe RSM can pay it forward. Some of that Crimson Tide luck can rub off on you Pat!

Donna B. said...

I've taken a vacation from supporting the arts in Shreveport (not the only thing I've taken a vacation from...)

but... $100 minimum? Not even inflation accounts for such. I will buy a recording for $20 or less... thankyouverymuch.