Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stephen King Brings Troops Home for Christmas

Via Greta Perry, Stephen King and his wife have donated $12,999 (he doesn't like the number 13) to ensure that "the 150 members of Bravo Company of the 3rd Battalion, 172nd Infantry Unit could come home for the holidays."

The Bangor Daily News reports:

That money will help pay for two bus trips — one from Camp Atterbury, Ind., to Portland, one from Camp Atterbury, Ind., to Bangor — for the soldiers of the Brewer-based 172nd, a division of the Maine Army National Guard.

Earlier this week, the unit departed from Maine for training at Camp Atterbury, Ind. They were scheduled to remain there until their January 2010 departure to Afghanistan, and even though they had a few days off for the holidays, they didn’t have the means to return home.

Thomas “Skip” Chappelle, who runs Operation Community Support — a Bangor-based military assistance nonprofit agency — thought something needed to be done. So he solicited the Kings for money.

Eugley stressed that the donation came from the Kings’ personal accounts and not through the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, which does not donate for travel purposes.

“It was a pretty easy sell. I asked. Steve said yes,” Eugley said.


I've got King's latest, Under the Dome, in my reading stack. It's huge.

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Red said...

Good guy.I'm not a fan of his writing--too overly descriptive for my taste but kudos to him for supporting the troops.