Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The First Debate: Live Blog

Debate time!

8:01 - Anyone here?  I'm listening to the debate live-stream on the internet because Mr. SIGIS can't bear to listen to it. 

Here we go.

8:04:  No boo's, hisses, or noisy distractions.  What fun is this?

Romney looks a little nervous.  Is that just me?  Obama opens by noting his anniversary and ... wait for it... blaming the mess he inherited.  Sigh.

"Embrace a new economic patriotism?"  What the hell does that mean?  Obama seemed all over the board on his first response to the difference between the two of them while Mitt jumps right on his five point plan.

8:10:  Obama is speaking about improving the education system and "race to the top"; he's referring to Common Core.  I'm not a fan of Common Core; I think education is a states rights issue.

Obama suggests that he and Romney agree on energy but I don't think they do.

Obama links closing the deficit to the tax code.  This is a problem.

Romney has a strong response pointing out that under this president food costs are up, energy costs are up, health care costs are up...middle class families are getting hammered.

Ah - Obama smirks when Romney points out that energy production is up but not by Obama's policies.

8:20:   My lie-meter just went off when Obama said middle class families are doing better under him.  Families can buy a new car or a new computer, he said.  Bullshit.

8:25:   Obama said he and Romney both encourage small business growth?  Really?  Everything Obama has done is killing small business.

Obama:  "Trump is a small business man although Trump doesn't think he is a small anything."  Where did that come from?

Romney is killing Obama on the economic session, I think.  Obama:  "Jim, you may want to move on to another topic."

8:30:   Romney:  "The problem with raising taxes is that is slows down the rate of growth."

Oh lord.  The blame Bush card, again - he inherited all this.  No comment on how he made it worse.

Just on appearances - Obama seems to be struggling and rambling.  Romney seems more focused and confident.  Romney:  "We still show trillion dollar deficits every year.  That's not the way to get the job done...when you're in a recession you don't raise the taxes on anyone!"

Romney schools Obama on how raising taxes kills jobs and small business.  Obama's comeback?  "We've had this discussion before."

Romney explains that getting more people working, building the tax base, raises revenue.  Raising taxes on the rich is not the answer.  Romney:  "I don't want to go down the path of Spain."

Romney seems very smart, very business savvy, very informed.  Obama struggles.

8:36:  LMAO!  Here come the corporate jets!

8:40:   Romney is cleaning Obama's clock.  He's taking Obama methodically back through points.  Best line so far from Romney points out that there is no tax break he knows of for relocating a business overseas as Obama suggests.  "I've been in business for 15 years," Romney said.  "I have no idea what you're talking about.  Maybe I need a new accountant."

Obama is now babbling about his grandparents.  Hunh?

8:45:   Romney wears a painful looking, patronizing smile all the time.  He needs a little coaching on that.

Obama is invoking his AARP support.  #FAIL

8:50:  Obama proclaims his fondness for the term "Obamacare."  Bleh.

Obama seems unsure of his own Obamacare policy but that's not a surprise because he didn't actually write it.  Can someone call Nancy Pelosi to the stage, please?

Romney makes the case for a free market and choice.

On regulations, Romney concurs that some regulations are necessary but should not be excessive.  Now, he says, there are many excessive regulations that hurt the economy, like Dodd-Frank.    Obama shakes his head as Romney speaks.

8:55:   Blame Bush, again.  Drink.

What?  Obama adocating living wills so "we can know how you're going to wind things down."  #deathpanels.  Not that there's anything wrong with a living will, just his phraseology is terrible.

9:00:  Best Twitter comment so far:  Dennis Miller:  "Obama is taking on water in all front four compartments.  He's listing...Bruce Ismay is dressing up like a woman."  LMAO!

Obama smirks when Mitt points out that he spent two years fighting for ObamaCare rather than fixing jobs.  He looks arrogant and condescending at the same time.

Obama:  "Millions of families had a pre-existing condition."  English teacher, please.

Lie meter:  Oh god.  On Obamacare - "You can keep your own insurance."  Bullshit!

He's going back and citing Obamacare talking points.  That tells you all you need to know.  #FAIL

9:00:  Obama defending death panels now.  He's getting killed in this debate.  Unconfident, stammering, reaching, nervous laughter, old talking points.  Hot mess.

9:10:   Obama:  Yes insurance rates are going up, but slowly!  LMAO!  It's almost funny.

Not quite.

Now Obama says people will lose health insurance if Obamacare is repealed yet fails to note that many more will lose insurance if it isn't repealed as their current insurers will fold and shut down because of Obamacare thus forcing you onto the government dole.  #socialism.

9:10:   Romney:  The federal government taking over healthcare is not the way to go.  Private market is best.  Obama is still defending death panels.

Next segment:  the role of government.  This ought to be fun.

9:15:   The most golfing president in history touts the importance of keeping America safe two weeks after the latest terrorist attack on an American embassy.

9:20:   Romney on the role of government:  Education is a states issue.  Government should protect the Constitution - life and liberty.  "I do not believe in cutting our military."  Romney is very strong here.  Very strong.

9:20:   On education:  Romney - it's a state and local level.  He's pro-choice for schools.  Obama - the federal government "has a significant role to play in education."  Bah.   Then he drifts into the weeds on tax cuts for the rich.  WTH?    Now babbling about community colleges partnering with business.  Would that be the same businesses that he is putting OUT of business with Obamacare and his excessive taxes and regulations? 

9:25:   Closing.  Obama got whipped.  That is all.  Whipped.  Romney was strong, confident and informed.  But, it will be interesting to see how the legacy media tries to make the case that Obama won. 

I'm almost embarrassed for Obama.  But not quite.


Sarah said...

Take good notes - I have to write a big article about Romney and the economy for tomorrow, and I'm afraid I'm going to fall asleep!

Mike Thiac said...

Listening to the debate in my car... Romney seems to be making some good points, specifics on taxes, etc.

Mike Thiac said...

Assertive when Lher said .you get the first point in next issue..... Good

Mike Thiac said...

I think Romney missed an opportunity with the comments on corporate jets. He could say something like "Mr President when you bash those industries middle class people who build those planes, service those planes, and fly those planes lose their jobs."

Mike said...

If every American gave a dollar for each time Obama stuttered, we'd have a budget surplus.

Tony said...

So what kind of insurance is the President FORCING you to adopt?