Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can Obama Admit a Mistake?

The WSJ has a piece in tomorrow's edition about Gitmo; there's nothing much new there but it does state the obvious:

"Which brings us back to Gitmo's new location, if it ever gets one. Since 1987, the political system has been deadlocked over burying a negligible amount of nuclear waste deep within a remote mountain in Nevada, so it's hard to imagine how it will deal with a terrorist problem that is far more -- how to put it? -- radioactive. Safe to say that any new setting will not be in a 2012 swing state, and you don't have to be a cynic to wonder if it will have two Republican Senators. Mr. Obama could have avoided this mess had he kept his Gitmo options open, but to adapt a famous phrase, the President broke Guantanamo so now he owns the inmates."

You know, the solution to the Gitmo problem - that is, the problem Obama created when he said he'd close it - would be for Obama to admit he made a mistake and keep the prison open. But that is one thing that this man will never, ever do. He will not admit he was wrong.

But if he did, it would solve the problem.

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