Saturday, May 9, 2009

National Train Day

Today is National Train Day! Dagny Taggart would be pleased.


Steve said...

My great-grandfather and grandfather retired from the old C&NW (Chicago and Northwestern) Railroad, and my father worked for that same line for a short period of time.
My aunt married a man who retired from the Union Pacific in Omaha, and there are several other relatives and ancestors who worked on other railroads.
I love seeing pictures of the old dull yellow and black engines of the C&NW.
I even considered going to work for the old Burlington Route Railroad at one time.
So, there's a place in my heart for trains. (Except for when they block traffic)
I love the smells, sights, and sounds of the old puffer belly engines.
If ever get chance to ride on one of these old scenic railroad (the picture Pat used is the one in Boone, Iowa, which I've ridden) do it.
But if you do, don't wear something you don't want to get ruined. Sometimes the smoke and cinders will get on you.

Norma said...

I recognized the picture of the Boone scenic train the minute I saw it. I thought that is a beautiful picture.