Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mitt Romney at the NRA Convention

Mitt Romney's speech at the NRA convention yesterday was great! I'm waiting for a YouTube video of it to show up. Here's the text, and here are some highlights:

"Listening to our liberal friends sometimes, I'm reminded a little bit of the monarchists. Not because they want a king instead of a president, but because they place their faith in government. As they see it, government knows best. Government needs to protect us from ourselves. The supreme voice in the land is not the people, but the government."

On the Stimulus:

"Because the Democrats fundamentally believe that government knows best, they decided to give more money to government. And so Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and others put together a wish list of new ways to spend taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of billions. Will the economy come back? Of course it will, but not as quickly and as strongly as it could have. Why? Because the heavy hand of government is never as effective as the dreams and vision and hard work of 300 million Americans."

On Obama's apology tour:

"I'm glad that he backed away from his campaign promise to pull the troops immediately out of Iraq. I'm glad he is going to get tough on the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. I'm glad he's continuing to hold military tribunals for terrorists...President Obama, however, is wrong to back away on missile defense. He was wrong to go on Arab TV and claim that America has dictated to other nations. America has sacrificed more than any other nation to free people from dictators."

On national security:

"The jihadists are still at war with America, and we shouldn't be worried about whether someone reads them their rights. They are still determined to do our country great harm. Our government has no greater duty than a vigilant defense, and no greater purpose than victory for America and for the cause of freedom."


Jordan said...

Considering Huntsman may be exiled to China by his own free will. Romney is going to have to prove that he isn't just a Massachusetts RINO if he's going to run again.

smitty1e said...

He gives good speech, but his medical programs in Mass. continue to suck pondwater.

G.R. said...

I normally don't pay much attention to the former Clinton Follies tap dancer, Dick Morris, because he's just another political hack and opportunist. But he did state that the conservatives better hang on to thier beliefs and not allow the Republican party to become Democrat Lite party, because the time will come, due to the fall out that is coming from Obamaism, and there needs to be distinctly difference between the parties. If not there will be nowhere for voters to go to fend off the damage that is yet to be seen.