Sunday, May 3, 2009

Condi Takes Moonbat to School

This video is everywhere but because I'm a longtime fan of Condi I'm putting it up anyway.

There are a couple of standout things to me about this video beyond those that everyone else is talking about. I love how the room, noisy and distracting at first, settles into silence as they all listen to Condi take this kid to school over Gitmo and tough decision-making. He spits out his moonbat talking points and she is unflappable.

Not an "uhm" or "aahhhhhm" in any of it; no Teleprompter. No pauses for the "right" answer. She's brilliant.

I also loved the part where officials try to rescue her, as if Condi EVER need a rescue, and they try to move her on. She's all, "No, no. Let me finish." And she does.

"Do your homework" kid!

She's a class act and a real professional. I can't WAIT until her book comes out!

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1 comment:

G.R. said...

I can sort of relate to being taken to task by a moonbat who believes he is more intelligent than conservatives, because he can recite liberal writings and spout liberal talking points.

Last week, in one of Pat's posts, I was asked one of the stupidest questions I probably ever encountered. An anonymous asked me, a retired Army veteran who has taken the oath to defend the Constitution numerous times and lost friends who died in combat, if the military ever taught me anything about defending this country, and what he meant was defending the laws of this country.

Once again a person who only has academic experience belittling someone (albeit I never served in combat) with real world experience.

The question doesn't even deserve an answer, but I will say that there are times when someone has to make a decision that is a matter of life and death, and you don't have the luxury to refer to liberal writings on what they feel is the right thing to do.