Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday and Linkage

Your gratuitous Rule 5 Sunday photo this week is of non other than Eric Clapton. Not beefcake, but certainly HOT. Have I mentioned that I will be going to see Mr. Clapton in 23 days? AAAAAAAA!!!!!

It's been a busy news week and I was too busy to blog much, so here are the links and posts that kept me going and informed all week.

The ever witty Stacy McCain has the latest on Ted Rall turning on Obama. Seriously, Ted Rall! Babalu blog also weighed in on the subject.

No Sheeples Here has a lovely post on Cary Grant. I *heart* him! So suave!

How do you feel about cookies for terrorists? Gateway Pundit will clue you in.

The Daley Gator has a post on Mancow's faux waterboarding.

Fausta shows you how to determine what your glass-hold says about your personality. What kind are YOU?

Donald Douglas looks at Sotomayor on the issues; she's a "disaster," he says. He's also got some Mary Louise Parker Rule 5 action. Jimmie at The Sundries Shack also has a great Sotomayor post.

Snaggletoothie had some neat pictures this week; I loved the pictures of his neighborhood here, and I also loved the old Chesterfield ad pictures. That's what my mom continues to smoke, believe it or not. Gag.

Legal Insurrection warns of the "stealth nominee" which makes for interesting reading.

Suzanna Logan wanted to be a porn star? Oh well. If you can't spell, what other options are left to you?!

TrogloPundit weighs in on global warming and overpopulation. He's also got some hot Angie Rule 5 action.

Little Miss Attilla has the greatest post on the White House silencing dissent policy. If anyone could make me laugh on THAT topic, she did!

Senator Cornyn wants us all to SHUT UP! See what Doug Hagin has to say at Not One Red Cent!

Bride of Rove has had it with Team Obama. In fact, she'll tell you, "Monty Python is in the White House." I tend to agree.

Texas Rainmaker sounds off on the Black Panter story (with video).

Doug Ross has fantastic coverage of the DealerGate story.

SaberPoint has a post on Rush Limbaugh and self censorship that you should read. He makes a good point about Republicans and the Hispanic vote.

That should keep you going for a bit.

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