Monday, May 25, 2009

How I Spent Memorial Day

Steve and I headed down the highway to Ed Lester's Farm today for fresh veggies. It's about an hour due south in Coushatta. It's a beautiful place right on the Red River. As I posted earlier today, check out their website. They also have a veggie cam! I told Steve, if they'd had an Abita Root Beer in their cooler, I'd have parked myself on one of the inviting benches or swings under that huge live oak and listened to the music for a while. Today Frank Sinatra was singing to us. Last time we went, it was jazz.

It's a bit early for things like peas and tomatoes, but we bought baby carrots, HUGE radishes, lots of tiny new potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, some small, early peaches and super sweet Armistead onions. We also made friends with a yellow lab named Cricket. Good times.

We puttered around Coushatta for a bit (didn't take long) and then headed back home.

Once home we grabbed a quick hamburger then headed over to
Greenwood Cemetery where they have a large veterans section. The flags were out and we walked through and read some of the stones. The American Legion had put out the flags and it was all very lovely.

While we were there the ladies from the American Legion Auxillary came to pick up the flags (can't leave them out after sunset!) and we helped them gather the flags up for next year.

From there we headed over to Forest Park cemetery and placed flags on my father and grandfather's graves. We had some extra flags and placed those on the graves of some vets near my dad.

We came home and fired up the grill - chicken, pork & alligator sausage and then green beans and potatoes that we had bought from Lester's.

The local news channel ran a documentary about the Honor Air program. Go here to the KTBS site for reports of their Honor Air trips. I'm hoping they post the documentary on their site soon because it was fabulous.

All in all, it was a nice day. Tomorrow it's back to work; we have finals this week. So does The Teenager. Stress.

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Lynn said...

Sounds like and from the photos, you had a wonderful day.