Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saxby Chambliss Holds the Line on Gitmo

Via The Weekly Standard, this news:

A US Senator said Tuesday he would soon introduce legislation aimed at blocking the release on US soil of any detainees currently held at the Guantanamo Bay facility for suspected terrorists.

"I intend to introduce legislation in the next few days to make sure that we establish a policy that will provide for no funding for the release of any of these individuals on US soil," said Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss.

The Georgia lawmaker said his bill aimed to reassure the US public that Guantanamo detainees are "not going to be re-released into their neighborhoods where they're going to immediately form cells where they will seek to kill and harm Americans."

His comments came as a US official, who requested anonymity, said Obama plans to release into the United States some of the 17 Chinese Muslim Uighurs held at the facility for seven years but cleared for release.

I say "Hooray!" for Saxby Chambliss but I'd take it a step further to ensure that these terrorists won't ever get into the United States. I'd hope that somewhere in that legislation would be terms that these terrorists can't be held in Montana or Colorado, or anywhere else within our borders.

I've about beat this dead horse to death but it continues to boggle the mind at the level of cluelessness of this administration. How can a move like this, and by that I mean releasing terrorists into the US, be anything other than political suicide?

Even some Democrats are pulling back as this week they denied Obama's funding request for closing Gitmo and for relocating the terrorists.

Tom Harkin made what is probably the dumbest statement I've read lately when he said, "I never could understand about why people are afraid of these (detainees) being in jail," he said. "You know, it's like, they can't go anywhere. You put them in security. Do they think they're going to create some kind of activity outside the prison? I mean, that never made sense to me. They're in jail, they're in jail."

That's the most naive, moronic statement I've ever heard. These are not your average, run of the mill street thugs. An example from Gordon Cucullu's Inside Gitmo:

"A collection of weapons includes springs removed from bunks, links of fencing straightened and sharpened, plastic shards from spoons, and a range of other items....Every cell contains a toilet and basin. In earlier constructed camps, the basins had extended faucets. The detainees jumped on the faucets, breaking them off from the wall and turning them into jagged-edged metal knives."

After many visits to the camp and interviews with our military personnel guarding these terrorists, Cucullu also reveals that "They are plotting to capture an American guard or administrative person, hold him hostage, and leverage that kidnapping for the most widespread exposure possible. The kidnapping would undoubtedly be followed by a beheading."

Are you getting a big picture of that? It can happen.

Our American prisons are not where these guys need to be. So here are the liberals and their cries of "Oh how do you know they'll hurt anybody" and "How do you KNOW they are terrorists?" like these poor lummoxes that spent years in a al Qaeda safe house or training camp just ended up there by mistake. These poor Uighurs, who the administration is planning to release into the U.S., just spent years training in a terrorist camp but it's not US that they want to behead!

Okay. So here we are in May. Obama campaigned on the promise to close Gitmo. His reasoning? It's a bad symbol. Why? What's bad about it? The rest of the world doesn't like it, he says. Why not? It's a model prison. And too freaking bad if they don't like it. Too bad.

So January 22 he signs the order to close Gitmo. Where're they going Obama? What are you going to do with these 240 terrorists? Uh, uh, uh, I don't know but I'll figure it out. Close it.


Weak. And clueless. And the whole world knows it.

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Jordan said...

Here's something on the angry left's argument on torture.

Also, there was a great op-ed in WSJ by Lindsey Graham that just tore apart Obama on his Gitmo and CIA decisions. Read it here.