Sunday, May 3, 2009

David Vitter in 2010

Stephanie Grace (via Memeorandum) writes today on NOLA of Senator David Vitter's lukewarm chances for re-election next year. She points to a poll suggesting that Louisiana voters have mediocre feelings for Vitter.

"The survey, conducted by Southern Media & Opinion Research, found that the state's voters are markedly ambivalent about their junior senator. As a whole, they can live with him. But they'd also be just fine living without him, if someone better were to come along.

"First the good news for Vitter: 58 percent of the 600 likely voters interviewed last month said he's doing at least a good job, putting him in the same neighborhood as his Democratic colleague Mary Landrieu, who had a 60 percent approval rating.

"On the other hand, just 9 percent said Vitter is doing an excellent job.

"Even more worrisome for the senator is that only 30 percent said they would definitely vote to reelect him. Twenty-eight percent said they would push the button for someone else, and 35 percent said they would consider an alternative."

Louisiana politics is always a crap shoot. Professor Jeff Sadow considered Vitter's chances back in March and he seems to have a higher opinion of Vitter's chances. I don't think most voters are going to care a great deal about Vitter's call girl scandal when it comes right down to it. As Sadow points out, "For the fact is, on nearly every issue Vitter has faithfully and genuinely reflected the preferences of anywhere from slim to large majorities in the state, and with a large campaign budget (he’s got plenty) he can make sure in any campaign that his record will not be ignored."

Vitter's voting record is right on target with what his conservative constituents sent him to do. He voted against Tim "Turbo Tax Challenged" Geithner, he voted against the stimulus bill, and he opposed the nomination of Hillary Clinton primarily on conflict of interest grounds. He's got a pro-gun rights record. He votes conservatively on immigration issues as well.

While Stephanie Grace seems to conclude that Vitter may only gain re-election because he is "lucky" there is no more viable candidate, I'm with Sadow who concludes that Vitter will win re-election because of his record.

Senator Vitter's Tea Party Resolution

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G. R. said...

Louisiana keeps electing Mary Landrieu, and that woman has gotten more mileage out of Hurricane Katrina than a smug liberal gets out of his Toyota Prius.

So it's possible that Vitter could easily be replaced.