Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catch and Release Terrorist Program

Do you still feel safe in America? I don't. Consider this from The Weekly Standard:

Most, if not all, of the Uighur detainees were trained at a camp in Tora Bora, Afghanistan, prior to the September 11 attacks. According to documents released by the Department of Defense, several of the Uighurs admitted that a terrorist named Abdul Haq ran the Tora Bora camp. Both the United States and the United Nations designated Abdul Haq an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist last month.

While the DOD’s unclassified files provide many details about the Uighur detainees and their ties to known terrorists, other documents in the U.S. government’s possession likely include more.

In a letter to President Obama last week, [Rep. Frank A.] Wolf said that information he received “indicates that the Uighurs may be more dangerous than the public has been led to believe.” Wolf did not specify what information he had received, but asked that President Obama “declassify all intelligence regarding their capture, detention, and your administration’s assessment of the threat they may pose to Americans.”

I'm beginning to understand why gun sales in the US are skyrocketing. People are losing faith that their country will protect them and they might have to protect themselves. I think that if a Tora Bora trained terrorist is released in my neighborhood, I'm pretty likely to find a way to protect myself.

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Jordan said...

But they won't hurt us! They only wanted to learn how to kill infidels. That's just conservatives! Not us lovable liberals :p