Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Norks Test Another Missile?

Breitbart is reporting that the Norks have tested another missile. Counting the two yesterday, that makes three in two days, plus the nuclear test from a couple of days ago, despite Obama's strong condemnation of yesterday.

I don't think they're listening to him.

Update: Now Fox is also reporting a possible launch.

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G. R. said...

If what is going on in North Korea wasn't something to be concerned about, I would be rolling on the floor in laughter. Didn't the libs tell us that President Bush was an incompetent meanine and all we had to do was elect a Messiah who would bring nothing but peace by his mere presence in the White House.

Now the rouge nations around the world are thumbing their nose at Obama, and what are HIS answers? More Sanctions.

Yeah right. Remember how more sanctions stopped Saddam Hussein?
He laughed them off.

The United Nations reminds me of a cartoon I saw once. A 90 pound weakling deputy sheriff walks up to the huge bowed up bad guy, and the deputy tell him, "The Sheriff wants you out of town by sundown. Any sundown of your choice."

Yes siree, all we have to do is elect Obama and all the "Hating" of the world against the U.S. will just dry up on the vine. Let's see Iran shot off a missile not too long ago, and now North Korea sent up 3 in the past two days.

Excuse me, but between 1977 and 1980, didn't we already have a president, who also didn't know what to do, have just about every little pissant dictator drag him around by the nose?