Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

It's Memorial Day so take a moment and remember the reason for the day. There are lots of good posts in commemoration - Michelle Malkin has a lovely one. My friend Sarah went to the cemetery in Marietta, GA and has some awesome photos. Pundette remembers the Medal of Honor recipients. And Peggy Noonan had an awesome article in Friday's WSJ about Audie Murphy and Alvin York.

Steve and I are headed to Coushatta to visit Ed Lester's Farms - aka the most awesome vegetable stand anywhere. Check out their site. The plantation is right on the Red River and it's a lovely drive and a beautiful place. It's only about an hour from here so we'll be home in time for Steve to shell peas for dinner!


Lynn said...

The photo makes my heart fill with gratitude and sorrow for those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation - so many, so many. We cannot dishonor them by allowing this nation slip into an abyss.

Sandy said...

Love me some Lester Farms! I'll be going down there soon...when the peaches get ready.