Friday, May 15, 2009

Romano Updates His Normandy Post

John Romano's post on Big Hollywood about Obama's trip to Normandy caused quite an uproar on this blog and quite a bit of nasty name calling from the trolls, the issue having been primarily the lack of sources in his post.

In the interest of fairness, I'm now posting Romano's update to his post. Fresh meat for the trolls.

"UPDATE and CORRECTION: Barack Obama deciding to come to Normandy at the last minute, after his return from Egypt, has forced public tour companies to cancel their bookings for June 6th without warning. My original source blamed this on the US State Department when in fact it was the French government itself that made this decision.

I have learned from a follow-up source, that while it is unprecedented for the late notice, this would have most likely been the protocol in any case.

A bit less scandalous than first reported."


G. R. said...

US State Department, Obama (or any world leader), or the French government, either way it's still a damned shame that there will be a few of the ones who fought, bled, and lost buddies on those beached in 1944, who will not get to be there on the anniversary of THEIR moment that is one of the most defining events in history.
WWII vets are dying by the thousands each day, and this may have been their last chance to say goodbye to buddies buried on the cliffs over looking the beaches.

Anonymous said...

G.R., can you point to one report of a vet being denied the opportunity to go?

Even in his update, Romano still doesn't reliably source the information. How do we know that anything has been cancelled?

This is really irresponsible of Romano. He's managed to get people upset over nothing more than rumors.

Jimmy Chu said...

mich, when your beloved NY Times runs a plagiarized article by Maureen Dowd or an article with an anonymous source do you get all hot and bothered in the same way or is it just when your holy messiah is called to task?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, I don't read the NYT, so you made an assumption about me that is inaccurate.

Unsourced material bothers me no matter who the writer is -- my students or bloggers.

This one in particular bothered me because Pat took the blog post and used it to make assumptions about our President. She even admitted that she couldn't find a source, but went with it anyway.

Then all of the commenters followed suit. Anyone critical of the original post has been labled a troll, including myself.

And even though I only have one hand to type, the only criticism of me that Pat could bring was about my typos.

If you feel comfortable with that type of criticism, then rant on!

Oh, and Pat, could you spell my name correctly in the future? It's not the tire company, but rather the Latvian form of my name.