Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quote of the Day

"FDR, believing in his personal charm and powers of persuasion, was convinced that if he could just sit down with King Saud of Saudi Arabia, whom he considered to be the leader of the Arabs, he would be able to iron out the Palestine situation....Back in Washington, the economist and White House consultant Herbert Feis was amazed that Roosevelt 'cherished the illusion that presumably he, and he alone, as head of the United States, could bring about a settlement -- if not a reconciliation -- between Arabs and Jews.'"

From A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and
the Founding of Israel


smitty1e said...

I have a gesture that stuns people saying stuff like that.
1) Pinch index finger and thumb together,
2) Touch to lips,
3) Rapid, deep inhale, hold,
4) Exhale slowly.
5) Extend arm with pinched finger and thumb, as if to offer a drag.

Jordan said...

He also thought he could fix the economy, but he ended up created a mess that Obama wants to emulate.

G. R. said...

FDR may not have been labled as a socialist, but his actions gave him away.
I do know that one of his veeps (Henry Wallace) was close to being a socialist.