Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Incredible Arrogance of Obama - Asks French Government to Deny Tourists at Normandy When He Visits

John Romano (via Memeorandum) has a brilliant piece on Big Hollywood. And I'd like to write about it but I'm trying to clean my brains off the wall where I beat my head until it exploded. I'll try to get myself together and encourage you to read his article.

That beating my head against the wall thing? It's because I just can't understand, I just can't GET why people adore Barack Obama.

I have commenters on this blog and I know people that fawn over every move he makes. I hear comments along the lines of "Thank GOD we have an intelligent president now! He's awesome! I love him! I *heart* him! He's going to restore America's popularity in the world! Everyone will like us again! He's going to provide health care to EVERY American! He's going to give you a TAX CUT! " Oh, it goes on and on. I don't begrudge them their feelings and opinions, really. That's what makes politics, but I just don't GET it. I guess I'm a knuckle dragging neanderthal. Not intelligent enough to keep up with the masses.

Back to Romano. He's writing about Obama's upcoming visit to Normandy and he compares what is to come with George W. Bush's visit in 2004. For Obama's visit - he has asked that no tourists be allowed to tour Normandy that day because HE will be there. It's the 65th anniversary of D-Day and he doesn't want to let anybody else in. What arrogance!

Don't tell me it's about security either. They managed security when Bush went.

"The 65th Anniversary of D-Day is fast approaching. Barack Obama will attend the events on June 6th as George Bush did in 2004 for the sixtieth memorial service. Here is the rub, as of now Obama’s State Department has asked (read demanded) the French government not allow tour guide services to operate that day. It is a big day for Normandy tourism. Yet, the king will not allow those not connected with government to enjoy the day. Obama is very important you know. This is an unprecedented request. I hope the French come to their senses and deny it.

Compare that with 2004. Security was tight as President Bush and other world leaders were in attendance, but the event was still open to all. A friend relayed the story of waiting in line to use a port-a-potty (a French port-a-potty no doubt, yuck, believe me.) She looks to her left and who he is in the next line waiting patiently? President Bush. Sure he had Secret Service nearby, but he waited like everyone else."

Obama's arrogance is simply beyond belief. I suppose to many people, the people who voted for him, this is not a character flaw. To me, it is. I don't think you can argue a case that he is not arrogant, although I am sure someone will try. Romano has Obama on video (I'm not going to steal his entire post - you'll have to go watch it for yourself!) saying "a light will shine down from somewhere...You will experience an epiphany. And you will say to yourself, 'I have to vote for Barack.'"

Was he "just joking"? Is that "out of context"? Hell, no. He believes this drivel.

Arrogance is a serious character flaw because it leads you to believe that you are always right and you are unable to listen to those who may be able to guide you. You believe your way is the only way and that you can make no mistakes. Like Caesar. Or Oediupus.

You have Wanda Sykes at the Nerd Prom last night telling people that Rush Limbaugh ought to be tried for treason because he said he hopes Obama fails. Okay, she's a comedienne and can say crap like that. But when a President of the United States releases documents that endanger troops and national security, when he releases terrorists onto United States soil, when he alienates longtime allies in favor of leaders who have expressed hate and disdain for us, instituting nationalized health care, nationalizing automakers and banks, well, maybe Wanda Sykes wasn't looking in the right direction when she decided to call someone out for treason.

Romano enourages us to remember the 2010 elections are coming and that there is still time to slow down this train wreck. I honestly do not, at this point, believe that the Obamabots will turn against their leader; they love him. They love Michelle. They love Michelle's arms. They love the dog. But the elections will give the rest of us a chance to slow down the havoc that he is imposing on our country. If he gets all four years unchecked then the damage will be practically unreparable.

As Romano says, NOT what those boys in Normandy died for.

I've got to go finish cleaning brain matter off my walls.


personal trainer new orleans said...

"Beating your head against the wall". The day before the election is the last day I watched TV news of any kind, and I stopped listening to talk radio. I had serious withdrawal symptons; now I don't miss it. Life is better without watching BHO or McCain for that matter. BHO's arrogance and overreach will eventually do him in and end the havoc that he is imposing on our country. BHO came out of nowhere. I am waiting for similar candidate for the GOP.

Pat said...

I'm a junkie - I can't walk away from it. But I DO notice on those days when I am away on a little day trip or doing something OTHER than reading news, I'm less stressed. Maybe you're on to something!

I'm waiting for that GOP candidate too. I hope he's out there.

G.R. said...

What is so sad about this is that each day we are losing thousands of the veterans who fought in WWII. There is even an organization who is desperately trying to get physically capable WWII vets to Washington, D.C. in order for them to see the memorial built in their honor, before it's too late.

What my concern is that there will be some D-Day vets who had planned to see Normandy one more time, and had planned to see it on the anniversary of their heroic act will get denied that chance, because Obama wants to be there by himself?

He is going to deny those who fought to give him a chance to act like he's a president to their chance to see beaches of Omaha, Utah, Sword, Gold, and Juno?

This is just plain despicable and lacks the qualities of a real.

Obama needs to read "Band of Brothers" and see what real heroes, and real men, like Dick Winters, who was at Normandy on that very day, would do.

joseph said...

Does anyone have one shred of evidence that Romano has not simply made this up? There are no links in his article and a google search reveals no article referencing such a State Department request or demand.


snaggletoothie said...

Ever think of Gen. David Petraeus as the guy coming from out of nowhere? We could call him the Lion of Fallujah.
I have two liberal friends who LOVE Obama. I once saw a FaceBook communication between them. The one said, "Sometimes I remember that Obama is our president and I can feel myself getting excited." Needless to say I won't discuss politics with them or we would not remain friends.
Liberal's thought processes are different. They are much more emotion driven. Facts and consistency are of little interest to them. They have an unnatural concern about what others think of them and are much more driven to belong to a group.

Sandy said...

Excellent post. My sentiments exactly!

michilines said...

You are such a trusting soul! Do you know who John Romano is? Do you seriously think the former President Bush really stood in line at a port-a-potty in France (much less anywhere else)?

I'll check back with you on June 6th -- when this imaginary story fails to materialize -- and see what you have to say at that point.

Pat said...

Yep, I know who Romano is and I will say this - I've been trying to find his source for this story and so far have come up empty. I'm going to continue to try to corroborate it.

Either way, I think it's clear that Obama only plays lip service to the military and I don't believe he supports or values them. Just my opinion.

Thanks for your input though! And DO check back!

Anonymous said...

"I know who who he is and he doesn't have a single source! Yet I'll still post a completely full of shit piece about his work!"

Damn, doesn't take much to win a writing contest in Louisiana, hmmm?

Pat said...

"Damn, doesn't take much to win a writing contest in Louisiana, hmmm?"

Well, you at least have to sign your name to your work to win something around here. At least that. Beyond that, we're easy.

michilines said...

You didn't answer my second question. Do you really think former President Bush stood in line at a port-a-potty in France?

Here's a clue-bat for you: if you want to be taken seriously, don't run with just anything you read. Do your homework first, not after you post.

You may not get as many hits, but at least you won't look foolish like you do right now.

Oh, and anonymous comments sometimes have a reason for being so. I've know a couple of bloggers who have tried to get people fired from their jobs just because they disagree with their comments. It's happened to me twice. Thankfully, thoase bloggers weren't successful.

joseph said...


I first pointed out the lack of corroboration and did leave my name. Do I get a prize? By the way, the whole story really lacks sense. The Secret Service is responsible for the President's safety and it, not the State Department, would be making recommendations to the French government.


michilines said...


There were several of the usual lazy people on memeorandum linking to this non-story. All of them refer back to the Romano post. Romano is an out of work musician with an over active imagination.

What I'm waiting for is to see if Pat puts up a post about this on June 6th or not. Genearlly, people who spread rumors don't like facing the truth later, but we shall see.

joseph said...


Good point about President Bush standing in line waiting for a port-a-potty. Chances are ZERO that is true. The Secret Service would have had apoplexy. And Pat, delightful though she may be, is unlikely to be clairvoyant, therefore the opinion, based on nothing, that he doesn't support the military is the sort of mind reading that drives Brendan Nyhan ( crazy.


yukio ngaby said...

Wow. 10,000 hits and then commenters come out of the wordwork including anonymous people who like to cuss! Wow.

You must've hit a nerve. Not since Dijongate...

G.R. said...

This I do know. In February 2004 President Bush came to visit the troops at Ft Polk, in particular the 39th Infantry Brigade of the Arkansas National Guard, which was there training to go to Iraq.
I was assigned to the 18th Airborne Corps and JRTC at Ft Polk at the time.
It was publicized that the president was asked what he wanted for his meal, and he said he was going to eat what the soldiers of the 39th were eating. Since they were out in the field, they were eating MRE's which he had as well.
Good Lord, I just hope he didn't get the chicken tortellini.
I had the pleasure of getting to shake the president's hand that day.

michilines said...

So, G.R., do you think former Pressident Bush stood in line to use a port-a-potty in Frnace?

It's one thing to request the same food -- I'm fairly sure President Obama would answer the same way -- but it is another thing entirely to claim that the State department did something with no substantiation and then agree that someone in line for a port-a-pooty saw former President Bush, don;t you think?

yukio ngaby said...

michilines: "It's one thing to request the same food -- I'm fairly sure President Obama would answer the same way"

*Scoff* Like that arugula thing? Or like when he asked everyone to turn their heat down during the winter (carbon footprints and all...) and then turned the White House's up "hot enough to grow orchids in?" Or like when his wife wears $500+ designer tennis shoes to go feed the poor in? The Obamas haven't bothered to try to show Regular Joe tastes until this backfiring burger thing.

Or how about when Obama threatened to cut injured vets' VA benefits? Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the military. I'm sure his scorn extends to the food as well.

michilines said...

That block was fairly impressive, Pat, but old school.

Yukio, do you really think former President Bush stood in a port-a potty line in France?

yukio ngaby said...

Is that the only question you've got, michilines? I mean you got this one and by God you're gonna hold on to it. And it's so important too...

I don't know if Bush stood in line at the port-a-potty line. Why would I? Why would I care? And what does this matter?

The fact is that Bush was a down-to-earth guy and people hated him for it. Obama walks around as if smelling something foul at all times and people literally fall to their knees and figuratively (for the most part) worship him in town-hall revivals.

Bush had a lot of faults but he didn't believe that the greatest threats to America are private enterprise, Americans, and vets as Obama does.

So what do you believe michilines? Do you believe Obama should cut wounded vets' benefits? That Obama should crank up the heat while imposing cap-and-trade? That Mrs. Obama should come trouncing about in her $500+ designer shoes at some sham "charity" photo-op? That he should fill his cabinet with tax cheats while raising taxes (Geithner, Solis, Kirk, etc.)?

G.R. said...

First of all I really don't know, think, or care if Bush did or didn't stand in line to use a port-a-potty.
What I do know is that it wasn't the Bush Administration that wants to put me on a list for being a potential terrorist for serving in the military.

G.R. said...

in reference to me being a potential terrorist threat, the source I have is well documented, I have a copy of the DHS threat assessment.

michilines said...


No, but that one question, along with Pat admitting that she can't find another source for Romano's assertion, logically leads to this entire post being based on a lie. If you are comfortable with that, fine, rant on.


You are not on any list. That is not what the DHS report was about.

Unless you are part of Stormfront or a member of one of the groups shooting at people along the border, you personally are not the target of that advisory report.

If you are a veteran, law abiding citizen, you have nothing to worry about. If some violent group tries to recruit you -- which is what the DHS report warned of, then you should report them to your local authorities.

yukio ngaby said...

@ michilnes
Oh, now I was nice enough to answer your devastatingly insightful Bush port-a-potty line question, but you won't answer any of mine? I've asked them twice, but still nothing.

And then you accuse me of a rant? Exactly what did I say that was loud, theatrical or violent? Please gift me with your enlightment, or perhaps offer an alternative definition of rant.

michilines: "Pat admitting that she can't find another source for Romano's assertion, logically leads to this entire post being based on a lie."

Where did you take your logic classes? Is this PC or QC?

Are you talking about the port-a-potty story? Pat admitting that she
doesn't have an alternative source for an antecdote told in someone else's article does not logically mean that all this is a lie.

Or are you talking about the entire post? If so, I would suggest you attack the origin, prove your assertion of non-truth, then return and restate such proof. Simply because an alternative source is not offered does not mean (logically or otherwise) that the assertion is a lie.

And if Romano's assertion is a lie does this mean that Pat's dislike of Obama, the arrogance and narcissism that Obama exhibits, and Pat's inability to understand why Obama is popular, are all likewise lies? Romano's assertion is being used as evidence to this point, the point not being derived merely from this single source. Should this specific evidence be discredited, I'm sure Pat can find more. It's not difficult with Obama.

G,R, said...

"You are not on any list. That is not what the DHS report was about."

I know what the report is about.

I didn't mean I personally was on any government list, that I know of. I would do nothing to harm this nation, and I despise militant radicals on the left and on the right.

But what is strange that a person who is a Bible believing Christion, pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-states right, anti-"illegal" immigration, anti-same sex marriage, could tag him as a right wing extremist.

What is a slap in my face is this. If someone overhears me state my views, and wishes to tell the authorities, I could put me at risk of being labled a right-wing radical and placed on a list. (Sounds a little anti-First Amendment doesn't it. But then again only those who oppose the views of those on the left has to learn to be tolerant, ala Ms. California)

What's an even bigger insult is there is a left-wing extremist, who has actually attacked this country by bombing public building, who is closely linked to the Obama Administration, and most on the left has turned a blind eye to it and thinks we on right are over reacting.

michilines said...


Let's just wait until June 6th and see if Romano's assertion is true.


You already said you have done nothing wrong:

What is a slap in my face is this.Only if you are a Tim McVey type. Are you?

If you haven't done anything wrong, then you are ok.

As far as Bill Ayers goes, point to his conviction.

If you think about it -- you could bomb the pentagon and get away with it, right?

You are safe.

G. R. said...

conviction? hell he admitted it.

G. R. said...

Conviction Hell! He admitted it. Wasn't he that said he wish he only did more?

yukio ngaby said...

@ michilines

Still no answers from you... I'm still waiting. You seem to be reciting MediaMatters talking points. Are you for real?

michilines: "Let's just wait until June 6th and see if Romano's assertion is true."

That would still prove nothing. A host of other factors could affect such an outcome. The French could deny permission, the US could back off from the disputed request, etc.

If you question the post's assertion (actually I do) then say so. You deny it as a falsehood-- an "imaginary story." It then becomes required for you to back up your assertion, which you have failed to do on any level.

Masterguns81 said...

Geez...the guy probably wouldn't even be president now if it weren't for those who sacrificed on D-Day!