Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama's Summer Reading

Barack Obama is not a fast reader. NTTAWWT.

Remember this discussion in December which stemmed from Karl Rove's column about his reading contest with Bush? And Salon suggested that Obama would be "one of the most literary presidents in recent memory." Not unless he picks up on his summer reading!

Obama reported in April that he was reading "Netherland". So far, he still is.

CNN figures this puts the "most literary president" ever on a 10 book a year pace.

Slow news day?


G.R. said...

He may not read many books, and he may not be a fast reader, but he's tops when it come to reading the teleprompter.

sheryl said...

he's probably like me. goes to bed and can only read 1 or 2 pages before falling asleep. at that rate, it takes about 5 months to read a 300 page book. he should be finishing his book by the end of the summer.

snaggletoothie said...

Maybe he's too busy saving and creating jobs to do what he really wants to do, which is, of course, just read a good book.