Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rule 2 Saturday

Your weekly Full Metal Jacket Reach Around begins now:

On the cap and trade mess, which has left me with a depressed gloom today, lots of folks jumped in to sum it up. The Blog Prof has an extensive post on its cost. Political Byline also weighs in. The Pirate's Cove has comments and the great chart that Boehner held up during his discussion. The Daley Gator is not a happy camper. Doug Ross has the phone numbers of the eight turncoat republicans who passed this thing. Yukio isn't happy about Cap and Trade and is gearing up for the Senate fight. Gateway Pundit rounds it all out, and Robert Stacy McCain reminds us, Not One Red Cent to the sellouts!

Our favorite Left Coast Rebel points out that there is still hope; it's not yet over.

Stacy is also the go-to guy for all your IG-Gate news. Carol is keeping step. Jimmie at The Sundries Shack has a post on Chuck Grassley firing the first shot!

Pundette - I'm TOTALLY feeling your pain and agree with you whole-heartedly! Well said! Equally disgusted: Red Stick Rant. Be sure to click over there and see OUR fine State Legislature at work.

Even with the non-stop coverage on Fox News (and others), some of us posted on Michael Jackson (including me). Dave Lucas has a nice post. Sippican Cottage has a beautiful piece, as you might expect. Caught Him With a Corndog also loved Thriller.

Oh yeah, and some chick named Farrah died, too.

Jules Crittenden has a post on this week's Friday News Drop. It didn't sneak by Donald Douglas either, or Flopping Aces (who never links me.) Sister Toldjah also has words on this.

On ObamaCare, snaggletoothie points out that it's not good enough for the Obama family. Legal Insurrection had a great post on this same topic.

Troglopundit has an intereside side by side series of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.

And with that, I'm off to Lester's to drown my gloom in fresh veggies.

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