Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Full Metal Reach Around

Your gratuitous Rule 5 picture this week is of Stormy Daniels - I know, it's the second one I've put up of her this week (NTTAWWT), but hey, she's planning a run for Senate against David Vitter in my home state. And she hosted the F.A.M.E. awards this week in Los Angeles. That's Fans of Adult Media. I mean, if that doesn't qualify you for a viable Senate run these days, what does?

On to more important things, linkage.

Where are My Keys? is a nifty blog that linked my Car Czar story this week. There are a lot of good things there and also a question for any lefties (or I suppose any righties could answer, as well) for you.

The Weekly Point is another new blog in my round-up this week because they linked my Miranda story. They have a little aggregating thing going on there and a nice round-up of issues.

Speaking of aggregating, have you seen NTCNews?

One more new blog to my weekly roundup is Granda John's. We were snarking just a little about intercollegiate rivalries, and well, even though he bashes my beloved LSU, this post was just funny and I always like good writing! He earned a spot in my blogroll.

Carol's Closet finds herself agreeing with....Bill Maher? (Carol, I'm trying to put you in my blogroll but for some reason, Blogger won't let me. Everytime I put your blog there, it routes me to Technorati instead of to your blog. I'm going to get that fixed, I swear. I want you there!)

Snaggletoothie has been on a roll this week changing out the pics at the top of his blog. You have to be fast, or you miss one. He's also losing patience with Obama's "transparency."

I don't think Ann Althouse is buying in to this whole let's raze blighted cities thing...Fausta is not impressed either.

How come Troglopundit gets all the cool photoshop stuff from Carol? Because he's #28, that's why! Seriously. His blog is newer than mine and he gets ranked and I don't? This hurts me deeply. I need to work on my Rule #1 skills.

Doug Ross linked me a couple of times this week and I totally *heart* him for that! I got a huge Doug-lanche. He's done some great pieces over there this week but I found this one on health care quite interesting.

Legal Insurrection also took on the health care debate...we've been punked. Again.

And still on health care, do not miss Bride of Rove's post. I love everything she writes. She has a way that somehow says exactly what you were thinking. This is one of my favorite blogs.

Gateway Pundit has a photo of the Uighurs upon arrival to Bermuda. My favorite quote from frequent commenter Vegas Art Guy, "What a clusterfork this has turned out to be." No truer words, my friend.

Speaking of Gateway Pundit, why doesn't he ever link me? I guess for the same reason Instapundit never does. To quote Robert Stacy McCain, "I suck." Speaking of RSM, he is single handedly trying to support the Chinese economy, and you can help.

I digress...

Be sure to check out No Sheeples Here and info on the Troop-a-Thon.

Pundette is having a caption contest - can't WAIT to see the entries on this one! Now that's a true "green" car!

Yukio is back! Sort of. He took time out from writing to address the issue of Obama and women's rights. I do miss Yukio's long posts and will be glad when he gets that book done!

Little Miss Attila addresses the Palin/Letterman issue with her good sense. I've stayed out of that one because I knew she'd so such a sensible, rational job with it. She rocks. Jimmie at The Sundries Shack isn't buying Letterman's apology, either.

Flopping Aces has the new NRSC video - I liked it. It made me sort of hopeful. Nice propaganda.

Donald Douglas has hidden between his more serious posts about Obama and the DOMA, a Toto video. I'm time-trippin' on that one Donald! I'm going to look for my Kansas 8-track! Love it!

Political Byline questions: should we get rid of the national anthem? He answers it, too.

Sarah wants to know what happened to the melting pot, and would like your comments on that post, too!

Okay, that's as far as I can go today. I have to do stuff like...get dressed, eat, have a life...I'll be back later.


Anonymous said...

Re: Stormy Daniels. What difference would it make if we had a political novice in the Senate? We already had one in the Senate who became president. And they both know how to screw people. Stormy's way is more enjoyable than the other.

Sarah said...

"get dressed, eat, have a life"

What are these things of which you speak???

WAMK said...

Thanks for the mention!

Don't worry, Instapundit will link you one day. I've been lucky enough to get a few Instalanches, and it's pretty cool. I also got an avalanche from Huffington Post, when I was able to debunk the whole Sarah Palin donkey scarf fiasco.

Much cooler to see traffic come in in the 1,000's, than in the 10's.

Keep up the good work.


p.s. to Sarah: Don't worry about getting all dressed and stuff. The alternative can be much more fun. Meow.