Saturday, August 15, 2009

Check List

Follow the progress of my nasty To Do List today.

So far?



Up next? Shampoo the carpet. (Can you hardly WAIT for the picture on that one?)


Carpet cleaning?

Check! God, I totally "get" why people have hardwood or tile floors. Totally. Get. It.

Up next? The daily check on Mom thing. Mom has an inoperable pinched nerve which, long story short, means that she can't drive. Or cook. Or any of those sort of things that people do that makes them totally independent.

She does pretty well, but being cut off from the outside world sometimes sucks. Anyway, carpet is done. Now to Moms. Will there be a picture?


Did the mom thing. I made some pimento cheese - she loves that and it's easy for her to fix it for herself to eat.

When I got there she was watching the golf tournament; she's a huge Tiger Woods fan. She didn't have much interest in talking to me today because she likes to watch golf. I did my daily chores over there, sat on the porch and had a beer (check! - was on the list!), then headed back home to continue with my list.


Next on the list was bathing the puppy. I went for bonus points and bathed Checkers, too. Puppy, whose name is actually Jazz, rather liked the bath. When I finished with him, I put Checkers in the water, much to her irritation, and Jazz kept trying to jump back in. Water dog.

Took 'em outside to dry in the sun, and had a beer. Dogs - Check. Beer - Check.

What's next?

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