Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Team Obama Pushes Back at Drudge

While I was at the school this morning sorting through wires, cords, and cables that should have never been unplugged, but were thanks to the well-meaning waxing crew, yet another internet war broke out. Those things seem to be everywhere these days!

This one is between The White House and Drudge. Omigod.

That's big.

The White House is pushing back against the video linked by Drudge (and lots of blogs) yesterday in which we have Obama advocating a single payer health care system. The White House has made their OWN video in which Linda Douglass explains that the remarks were "cobbled together" and "cherry picked" and taken "out of context." When I read that this morning my first thought was that it's hard to take that out of context; he said what he said. This is the video that started it all:

You can go here to watch the White House response.

Now we have Drudge holding his ground with this video of Obama's entire statement. Not exactly taken out of context; in fact, I think the entire statement is worse than the segment in the Naked Emperor video, above.

The lesson here, to me, is as I've said before; you can't trust what Obama says. He's been misleading people about this healthcare debate from Day One.

People are beginning to see it, too. The winds seem to be changing. These town hall protests are evidence of that, and to use a phrase Rush Limbaugh used today, things are "boiling over." The White House video seems an act of desperation to me. A whiney, "Listen to what we're saying" sort of response. "Don't believe your own eyes and ears, believe what we're telling you!"

I think the Kool-Aid well is running dry and people are paying closer attention now. Now it's time for Team Obama to listen.

(More at Memeorandum!)


smitty1e said...

Now it's time for Team Obama to listen.
Unfortunately, Pat, when people reach this level of 'correctness', anyone gainsaying them is just someone in need of calibration.

G. R. said...

The more the numbnuts on Obama's team tries to explain that we didn't hear what we heard, or fully understand what we heard, the more they look like the morons that they are.

And yes, they do think we're that stupid.

All I can say to the libs is keep thinking we're stupid, because it seems like there's getting to be more "stupid" people every day who are tired of the "smart" people.