Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Sorry Media

I'm not the least bit interested in seeing pictures of Obama's mother nude, but I am interested in seeing how long it takes him to scrub them from the internet. Not long, probably.

I'm also interested in why the MSM is so interested in the status of Sarah Palin's marriage that everyone and his brother jumped on the "divorce" story yesterday, but they can't be bothered to report on real things like the IG scandal.

Very interesting.

(H/T: A Conservative Lesbian)

Update: Atlas Shrugs has more. MUCH more!


Anonymous said...

WTF! Have we abased ourselves as a society to where we are digging up and posting nude pictures of the mother of the occupant of the White House.

Carolyn said...

Anonymous, you have a problem with facts? Do you also have a problem with the lies told about Sarah Palin, her children, her marriage, her positions, on and on? I am 100% with Cynthia and Pam on this. Conservative women are standing up together to get the truth out about Obama, where he came from and who is.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I'm probably more conservative than you know. I deplore what the left has done to this country and especially every conservative in their sights.
If you would read what I wrote, I can't even call what we have in the White House president, he's just occupying the space, until we get a president.
But if we condone the nude pictures of a president's mother who is dead, we might as well condone the stuff the left wrote about Palin and others.

BrideOfRove said...

Man Geller is fearless. Those are not casual photos taken for fun. Those are professional photos meant for public viewing. She clearly knew what she was doing and is probably pretty pleased in what ever place Atheists end up in to know she's finally famous. That was back in the day when people stripped for group sex without knowing who they were doing it with ... in other words nothing like me or hopefully you.

I doubt Obama cares that these surfaced. He probably released them himself to distract people from the craptastic bills he wants rammed through.

Man's got a lot of relatives to use and abuse. This is only the beginning.

G.R. said...

Bride of Rove, I sort of had the same thought myself.
When all else fails, create a diversion.
Sort of like when there's stains on the dress, send troops to Kosovo.