Saturday, August 15, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Saturday: To-Do List Edition

One week down. I haven't actually had students for one week, only three days, but I've been back at work for one week. I slept in today. But it's all good - I'm getting back into the routine; my classes are great, I love my school (this is my 9th year there), and everything is falling into place. My little blog has suffered some this week, but we'll rebound. You don't get as many hits when you aren't updating all day. Who knew!?

I have a huge "To Do" list today so on to the linkage - and hey - click on the links, people! That's the point. I'm pulling my favorite posts from my favorite blogs for you; this is a GOLD MINE of good reads, right here!

I'm starting with Fausta today who reminds us that "there is no plan" with regard to health care. There are five different versions. But, of course, all five are horrible. Speaking of horrible, Fausta is monitoring her keyword activity, to surprising results.

Yukio at Crittical Narrative is reading one of those bills, one of the Senate ones. His analysis is here.

Doug Ross makes note of the increasing violence in Chicago.

I love Ann Althouse's photographs! Silverton churches, I love this unpainted building, bicycles, even this street scene is cool, and oh my goodness, Sunset Tavern. She makes me want to break out my camera again. I've gotten lazy with it.

The Daley Gator has a new game to play; I know some people who would benefit from this as a stress reliever.

Pundette makes an interesting point with regard to keeping your health coverage. Who would have thought Obama could ever be contradictory. My goodness.

Poliltical Byline has a great Glenn Beck clip. And speaking of Beck, Robert Stacy McCain weighs in on the groups boycotting Glenn's show. When I wrote about that earlier this week, I had a comment someone posted that those participating in the boycott are just participating in their own version of free speech, which is absolutely true. The point I was making, however, is that the organization leading the boycott was founded by Obama's Green Jobs Czar, which seems inappropriate to me, sort of like the government, with all it's influence and power behind it, ganging up on one man's television show. Not cool. And stifling free speech is NEVER cool.

Be sure you read this article from Carol at No Sheeples Here! about Obama's remarks regarding diabetes and physicians. It's important.

Donald Douglas has an interesting read on Caroline Heldman and the politics of town halls. Never heard of her? Me neither. Till now.

Grandpa John has a picture of...panties?

I'm not linking Flopping Aces this week, because they never link me.

I want to link to this story at Carol's Closet about this mad little old lady, but when I click on the headline to get the link, it takes me to JWF. So just go to Carol's blog and scroll down. Never mind - I got the link by going through the comments. Go here. It's worth it.

Legal Insurrection has an interesting situation in which a woman in Britain compares their health care system to Abu Ghraib yet still supports it. WTF? The good professor has an explanation. He also weighs in on the Glenn Beck Boycott.

Loved Troglopundit's post on VJ Day!

You might have noticed I like books and I'm always interested in what people are reading. I get ideas for my own reading that way. I found out about Ira Stoll's Samuel Adams book via Hot Air. Also found Inside Gitmo that way. Now I'm looking at Jules Crittenden's list. He's got some good ones on there! Not all of it is up my alley, but he's got some good suggestions.

How did a NRA member get into Obama's town hall? Seriously?! I love it. Left Coast Rebel has the video.

Bride of Rove has a new favorite quote and is considering a career in spamming! :)

Okay Chris, I'm now taking you up on your free beer offer. Remember me. Although New Jersey IS a long way to drive (from Louisiana) for a beer. But I'll do it.

oooooooo Snaggletoothie has launched a new blog; looks like it'll be good! Add it to your blogrolls!

Jimmie at The Sundries Shack posts on Obama's polls. That's just what I've been wondering, Jimmie.

Caught Him With a Corndog also posted that hilarious dog video! If you didn't watch it on this blog, go watch it there. Or hell, go watch it there anyway because it's just funny. Red, someday you've got to tell me how you came up with the name for your blog - it's wonderful!

Generation Patriot makes some interesting observations about Twitter, idealism and youth. Been there.

Okay you blogging heads, I have Saturday things to do. This is my "To Do" List today: do the yard (that includes topping the two sweet olives by the deck that are too tall), shampoo carpets (housetraining puppies is a slow process), bathe two dogs, the daily mom house-call, laundry, various housework chores, cook dinner, post SOMETHING of substance on this blog that has been neglected this week, and drink beer. That's my day. I better get started.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Thanks for the plug!

G. R. said...

Every time Obama opens his yap about EVERY THING he wants to do, he's going to pay for EVERY THING by taxing those who make over $250,000.00 a year.

I know I'm not a Harvard educated idiot, but my simple local community college educated mind tells me that those who make $250,000.00 is finite, and the money required to pay for Obama's debacles is infinite.

For all you educated liberals who know more than me, that means there is no way Obama can fund his b.s. without raising everyone's taxes.

Fausta said...

Double thanks!