Friday, March 23, 2012

Louisiana Welcomes Stacy McCain

Did you hear about the earthquake that hit Vanatu?

I'll let Stacy McCain tell the story but let me suggest that it might be a nice thing to do to go hit his tip jar today. Our meeting in Shreveport today didn't pan out as he encountered some, uh....complications in Livonia, Louisiana today as he was ... racing...toward Shreveport, and well, right now he's working his way toward Pineville for the Santorum event tonight.

I was looking forward to finally meeting Stacy but that's the way things roll sometimes.  Another time.

Tomorrow we're headed to Minden to finally pick up this Jeep we ordered the first week of February!

And so it goes.

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Andy said...

Pat, I'm voting for Santorum tomorrow. I think he'd make an average to good President.

And, I think he'd lead a repeal of many of ObozO's crappy legislative victories. He would definitely undo the heavy-handed Federal Agencies' stranglehold on biniss. And, I think he'd perhaps "save" the SCOTUS. Plus, I think he'd be a fine, moral example for our nation at a time we desperately need it.

That being said, I think Romney would, too. But, I'm voting for Rick in hopes of keeping this thing alive until the Convention.

Still holding out hope for a "reluctant warrior" to get the nod.

Anyway...about that Jeep...keep it between the ditches, kiddo!