Thursday, July 12, 2012

A New Underground Railroad

Holy smokes.  Via Red State, "the most incredible movie trailer I've ever seen":

I'm dumbfounded at the sheer blind idolatry of it!

Instead, how about a film about freedom?  How about a film that makes you feel good about your country without being preachy?  How about a film that lifts your spirits and fills you with optimism?

When C.L. Bryant's Runaway Slave hits nationwide, it is ALL anybody is going to be talking about.  I just watched it a second time and it was more powerful the second time.  Of course, after I saw the film this weekend I have read Star Parker's book and started Deneen Borelli's book, so I brought more background to the table this time.

This time around I was really watching the imagery and technical aspects of the movie.  It not only holds up on message, but it holds up as a technical work, too.  When I reviewed the movie I wrote that it has a "gritty, urban feel" to it.  Imagery of chains, bars, and locks are flashed across the screen.  Urban graffiti.

Most prevalent was the image of the railroad; one of the themes of the film is that it's time for "a new underground railroad" to escape poverty and the tyranny of big government oppression.

We see C.L. walking down railroad tracks, running on the tracks, and standing in thought on the tracks.  In the beginning he picks up a rusty railroad spike and you see that spike from time to time through the film.  At the end, as he shouts "Run!  Run away from socialism!  Run away from progressivism! Run!"  This is when you get chills up and down your arms.  He throws that spike off a railroad trestle into the river - freedom.

The image is there verbally, too, as AlfonZo Rachel says, "I must be on the right track!"

The most beautiful image to me was CL's visit to the Jefferson Memorial.  He stands, staring up at the statue of Jefferson, a man who once owned slaves, and the sun breaks through the columns.  The message?  It's a new day; look forward.  Don't look to the past.  Look forward and where we can go, together.

It's simply a beautiful film in both message and content.

Go see it.  Because when it opens up nationwide, everyone is going to be talking about it and you will want to be part of that conversation.


Red said...

The entire state of Louisiana needs to watch this film.
A very large portion of Houston needs to watch this film. "Hotlanta" needs to watch this film. The entire 'Dirty South" needs to watch this film. The NAACP needs to watch this film. MLK Jr.'s progeny needs to watch this film. The emancipation begins with black Americans. They all need to free themselves from Sharpton/Jackson/reparation/Jackson Lee mentality. Then we can move forward.

Jack said...

I can't wait to see it. Not that there will be much revelation in it for me. I applaud C.L. Bryant

Jack said...

I can't wait to see it. Not that there is a revelation in it for me. I applaud C.L. Bryant.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it here in the D!