Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney and the NAACP Ad

So, what do you think about this ad?

I'm at cross purposes with it.  We all know the NAACP received Romney for the most part with reservations.  He even got boo'd when he said he'd repeal ObamaCare.  There was the occasional polite applause.

The lefties are upset with this ad because it seems to show the NAACP giving Romney support and applause, a standing ovation, even.  Horrors!  A black person might support a Republican?  OMG!

As far as ads go, I think Romney ought to hire the guy who was doing Rick Perry's ads; while Perry didn't make it, he had some really great ads!

But, having seen Runaway Slave, and having read books by black conservatives like Deneen Borelli, Marvin D. Rogers, Mason Weaver, and Star Parker, I know there is some black support for Romney and I think it's growing.  I don't think Obama will get 95% this time.

What do you think about the ad?  Is it "open and transparent"?  Is it deceptive?  Does it work?

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