Saturday, July 28, 2012

Twelve More Reasons Not to Vote for Obama: Part 3

25.  Barack Obama has spent more time playing golf than working on solving the economic problems we face.

26.  Rather than increasing domestic oil production, Obama told Brazil "we want to be one of your best customers" for oil imports.

27.  "You didn't get that on your didn't build that!  Somebody else made that happen!"

28.  The Obama administration loaned more than $1 billion to PEMEX so Mexico could drill for oil while still restricting American drilling in the Gulf.

29.  ObamaCare is such a bungled mess HHS has granted over 1,200 waivers from the laws restrictions and benefit caps.

30.  Dr. Donald "Death Panel" Berwick.

31.  An iPod?  Really?

32.  Obama's Justice Department demanded several banks approve loans to minorities with poor credit, alleging discrimination.

33.  Five percent of the stimulus recipients were tax cheats.

34.  Speaking of tax cheats...

35.  Keystone.

36.  Oil production on federal land declined by 11% in 2011.

To be continued.

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Bill said...

You have a lot of material to draw from when posting reasons not to vote for him. Keep up the good work.