Thursday, September 3, 2009

Van Jones the Truther

I'm with Allahpundit on the Van Jones story. On Hot Air, he wrote, "I think Jones’s hiring is best explained not as a breakdown in vetting but as a goof by Obama to see just how much crap the media will let him get away with. “Hey Rahm — bet you 20 bucks I can get a Truther communist appointed to an environmental oversight position.”

And this is the Van Jones video circulating today from Naked Emperor News:

My initial reaction to the Van Jones thing and, well, the whole Culture of Corrpution White House, is just incredulous. It's as if Obama MEANS to make a laughingstock of the entire process. Van Jones is not a vetting error. His background was known to Barack Obama. Obama sees nothing frightening or irregular in the Jones philosophy and in fact shares much if not all of it.

My position during the election, during the campaign, was basically that one's character and philosophy is often reflected in the friends you keep. I was criticized on that. I had people tell me that they have friends that do things or believe things that they certainly would never do themselves; this does not make one guilty of also doing or believing such things. True enough. But, Obama has surrounded himself with The Most Corrupt and Revolutionary group of individuals you could possibly imagine. If you TRIED to get any more deviant than this group, it might be difficult.

You can try to float moral equivalency arguments here but that dog won't hunt.

Not this time.

Van Jones. He believes that our government blew up The World Trade Center. He believes we let it happen. He's a Truther. And a communist. And the Green Jobs Czar.

God help us.

(There's more at Memeorandum.)

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