Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chopped Liver

Sigh.  I guess I'm chopped liver, once again.  Granted, I've been off my game for a few weeks; hell, I can't even get linked at Memeorandum anymore. 

But, a great blogger once said, "chopped liver doesn't have feelings," so I'm okay.



Red said...

Can't get linked? WTH? I linked you the other day. Then again my number of comments has sank as of late. Probably because I'm not all pissed off and political all the time.

Pat Austin Becker said...

Oh no,my good blog buddies like you link me. I've just fallen off Memeorandum's radar. It's okay though. I'd rather have blog buddies anyway! :)

Red said...

I know. I was throwing a faux hissy. Memeorandum needs to get with the program.I don't think I've ever been on there though. You're still on Dead Pelican and Red State though right?

smitty1e said...

We were hanging with Hawkins at BlogCon, and lost out to (the admittedly excellent) Libertarian Economist Megan McArdle.
This list is "mostly" good.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Focus on doing what you like, and what you do best. Links will follow.

I used to worry about whether I was being "linked" or no, but in the end that is not why I blog. I write for me, and if others like it, too... great. Sometimes I go for weeks without a link. I make the same either way...

Steve Burri said...

Oh, stop whining and cowgirl up, Austin. Don't start actin' like you're one stripe short of a Bengal tiger.

You can't expect Hawkins to have as discerning eye as the rest of us, can ya?

There's a silver lining in being chopped liver... at least it ain't YOUR liver.

Andy said...

Pat, I've never been linked by any A-list blogger, except for Reynolds. And, it was only because I made fun of him, and he got wind of it.

It was kinda' fun to see the Sitemeter go from four visits a day to seventy bazillion for a couple of days. But, at least Glenn did pick a truly valuable post to link to...something unique, and of broad interest.

I think lots of us have been off our game lately. The busy-ness of life this time of year kinda' throws us off. Regardless, I read everything you write, even though I don't comment often. Ya' know, when there's nothing to add to what's been said, it's of no value to say something...

Bride Of Rove said...

Never heard of Memorandum until you mentioned it and linked. You've been sick. Your mom has been sick. School started and you do important work. Oktoberfest is in the air. A blogger can only take on so much.

I've actually been commenting more than usual avoiding my own blog where the Mike Church\Weather Underground\Insurrectionists are weighing in on why we need to dismantle the US Government and abolish all federal laws enacted after 1780.

Apparently working for the Government (Military included) is "sucking the government tit" and driving on a Federal highway is not, neither is using drugs that exist directly because of federal grants.

Every revolutionary is an island and they can get that cup of coffee in the morning no matter how civilization breaks down when the states become independent countries and the Federal prisons are flushed out once Federal laws are rescinded.

Good times ahead, baby.

I have been beefing up my blogroll after much neglect so that I can tempt the lunatic fringe over to YOUR blogs away from mine.

I love you guys. Have I said that before? I do.

Bob Belvedere said...

Mr. Hawkins is a good man, but his list is just one man's list.

You the tops with many of us, Pat.