Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seniors Out of Luck Under Obamacare

This is the kind of thing that makes my blood boil; it's the kind of thing that makes me double over with dry heaves when the libs paint themselves as the party of compassion:

In his analysis accompanying the recently released Annual Report of the Medicare Board of Trustees, Richard Foster, Medicare's chief actuary, noted that Medicare payment rates for doctors and hospitals serving seniors will be cut by 30% over the next three years. Under the policies of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, by 2019 Medicare payment rates will be lower than under Medicaid. Mr. Foster notes that by the end of the 75-year projection period in the Annual Medicare Trustees Report, Medicare payment rates will be one-third of what will be paid by private insurance, and only half of what is paid by Medicaid.

Altogether, ObamaCare cuts $818 billion from Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) from 2014-2023, the first 10 years of its full implementation, and $3.2 trillion over the first 20 years, 2014-2033. Adding in ObamaCare cuts for Medicare Part B (physicians fees and other services) brings the total cut to $1.05 trillion over the first 10 years and $4.95 trillion over the first 20 years. 

That's via Peter Ferrara and Larry Hunter at WSJ.  There's more and it's worse.  Read the whole thing.
And don't expect the Medicare Czar to get all up in arms about this.  It's exactly what Dr. Death Panel would want.  And let's not forget, AARP endorsed this garbage for their members, too.

Oh and if that doesn't rock your boat, you might take note of the fact that private insurance is going up too.

Yeah.  All that crap about "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it!"  was exactly that.  Crap.  

The party of compassion doesn't care much about your mother.  Or your grandmother.  Or you, for that matter. 

Joe Wilson was right.


Quite Rightly said...

Thirty percent reduction in care fore seniors over just 3 years!

That's coupled with their plan to give the most "health care" to folks in their early twenties.

Maybe Obama and the Obamatons are planning to raise Eloi, like the Morlocks in the Time Machine.

Charlene said...

As a nearly 60 year old person, I can only hope to live long enough to get on Medicare. I currently pay an amazingly large amount of my gross income [24%] for health insurance and that covers me only to 80% of cost. I've never had to use the insurnce for major health problems, but I'd be a fool not to carry it. Luckily my eye doctor accepts the 80% and co-pay without additional charge. Lots of docs practice medicine like this.

The Medicare Advantage plan costs Medicare lots of money it shouldn't. That's something that was added to Medicare to make it easy for people already getting care through Medicare. That is the 30% you refer to.

The only thing wrong with the HealthCare plan is it is allowing insurance companies to still take their cut as the middle man. Eliminate insurance and go to single payer, or put the entire population of the country on Medicare.